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Beautiful sofa wall beds in Montreal by Expand Furniture
Montreal is the second-largest city in Canada, right behind Toronto. The city packs in close to 2 million people on a small island, taking up nearly every inch of usable space. Real estate is at a premium. If you want a spacious loft, you’re going to have to pay for it. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the bankroll for that kind of living and have to settle for something smaller – yet still totally stylish because of its urban chic décor.

Even if you’re living in an apartment the size of a closet – not a far cry from reality for many people – choosing the right furnishings can help you to get more out of the space and make you feel like you have more room to breathe. Expand Furniture sells stylish space saving furniture in Montreal that can help you maximize your space and get more room to stretch your legs.

Montreal Space Saving Furniture

Beautiful sofa wall beds in Montreal by Expand FurnitureExpand Furniture is your number one source for space saving furniture in Montreal. Having expandable, convertible, or compact furniture can mean all the difference between loving your home and completely hating it. From the living room and kitchen to your office or bedroom, Expand Furniture has a wide selection of top rated, finely crafted online space saving furniture for your small home in Montreal.

The bedroom and living room are two crucial rooms in your home, and oftentimes, the furniture in them can be the bulkiest. Sofa wall beds can help you cut down the amount of furniture in these spaces by combining two of the most utilized pieces of furniture in your home into one. Push up the bed when you’re done during the day to reveal your sofa sitting below it. Montreal transforming furniture like the coffee table that becomes a desk or other work space can help you save even more room.


Montreal Space Saving Tables

Another crucial room in the home is the kitchen, and in compact small apartments in Montreal, this can also be the smallest room in the house apart from the bathroom. That’s why Expand Furniture is proud to offer space saving tables that are both aesthetically appealing, and fully functional to provide you with a multipurpose table for your home. Browse through our online catalogue of Montreal space saving tables to find the right fit for your small apartment. From extending dining tables to convertible coffee tables, you will always find the most modern and sleek designs to fit your lifestyle.

Montreal Hidden Wall Beds

With hidden wall beds in Montreal from Expand Furniture, we have taken the bulkiest and space consuming piece of furniture and turned it into a multifunctional space saver. Our hidden wall beds come in a variety of styles including the hidden Murphy wall bed sofa, wall bed desk, and much more. With these Montreal hidden wall beds, you can turn any bedroom into a multi purpose, functional space for everyone to enjoy. Check out our online selection today to find the right hidden wall bed for your home. Our wall beds are always crafted with care and visual appeal in mind.

Montreal Space Saving Sofas

One of the largest pieces of furniture in your home, and possibly one of the most important, is the sofa, and with Montreal space saving sofas from Expand furniture, you can maximize your space so that it reaches its full potential. We offer a variety space saving sofas inn montreal such as modular sofas and sectionals, modern sofa beds, Murphy bed sofas, wall bed sofas, and much more. Space saving sofas from Expand Furniture are the best way to make your home feel more spacious and luxurious. Whether you live in a conventional home, a small studio apartment, or a moderately sized condo, these beautifully crafted space saving sofas offer multiple uses, style, and functionality to any home.

Browse our catalog to find the space saving furniture that can help you turn your tiny home into a comfortable oasis. We serve customers throughout Montreal and Canada. Our service professionals can help you find the solutions you need, as well as provide you with decorating tips to make your space look stylish while also maximizing its use. You’ll make your home feel more luxurious, no matter how big it is.

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