Install for Harmony Queen and King

Here is a copy of the digital manual.
Please see the video below for a step by step installation.

Please note on the Harmony 2021 and above models these now use arms that are not ‘fixed’ so you can remove the arms to feel less enclosed and it is easier for elderly people to get out sideways (rather than sitting up). You however can fix the sofa arm to the bed if you choose to.

There are 2 open holes on the metal work. The lower hole lines up with on the sofa arm and the connection is wood. So if a screw was put through this area directly into the side arm this would lock it in place. You can use a 1 inch screw ( don’t go over 2 inches) and a washer to accomplish this.

View the Harmony User guide here.

Please note the Harmony has folding legs in the back. These lock when in place. To unlock simply click the metal.


Harmony Operational and Tips Page:

Click Here for a link to the Operation Guide and Tips page for the Harmony