Lift Desk Guide

Installation Instruction of the standing desk saved.

The above PDF is saved for a booklet, which is what you would have inside the box. The page numbers may be slightly out of order, so please make sure to look for steps 1 through to 9 to do them in this order.

Most of the installation is fairly straight forward, it is helpful to see additional photos of step #4 with part B7 in more detail:

1. Example of bar set up before the table is added.

2. Steps for how to get towards the above example: Remove and loosen this bar, then attach it to the short metal piece on the right

3. example of this being attached and then push this all the way in

4. Example picture

5 Slide this all the way over to the right

6 Then insert this metal rod with the small black side on the right all the way into the right side, before then stretching it back out to insert on the left side

7 The small black marker goes this side

8 Example after insertion

9 This metal marker is on the left side and will be pushed in until it stops

10 this is the correct positioning

11 Tighten the plastic clips into place securely so this black bar connects the metal sides