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Ottawa’s Leading Modular Sofa Sets On Sale

Did you recently move into a house or apartment in Ottawa? Space can be at a premium there, which means that too much furniture can make it feel cramped. When that happens, even simply navigating around the place can seem like a chore. You can fix that by getting a modular sofa set from Expand Furniture. We can customize them to be any size – also these can wrap around a room. You can pick from a wide range of colors and shapes. There are also a lot of pieces of furniture that serve several different functions, which can save space. The end result will be something that you love.

Ottawa's Leading Modular Sofas Sets On Sale

Get The Perfect Sleeper Sofa For Your Ottawa Home!

You want to get a sofa and you want to get a bed. The problem is … if you get one of each, the place fills up. We can help you solve that with a sleeper sofa that features durable memory foam mattresses that come in either queen size or large. Set-up is a snap and takes a very short time. The comfortable mattress will protect you from the joints or edges of the sofa. You can get a great night’s sleep and then quickly convert it back to a sofa the next morning. Check out our great selection.

Shop Sofa Bunk Beds With Modern Designs

Space Saving Furniture For Your Home In Ottawa

Every single foot matters when it comes to a smaller-sized home or apartment. You don’t want to have unnecessary furniture that makes the rooms seem even tinier. That’s where the items from Expand Furniture come in. You can get things like a coffee table that expands to seat six. A console table can house nano chairs. You won’t have to worry about seating guests or accommodating them. Once they leave, then you can reduce the furniture again.That way, you can stop worrying about the dimensions of your home and just enjoy living there.

Stylish Modular Sectional Couches For Sale In Ottawa

Options That Meet Your Needs
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Pull Out Couch With Easy Opening

Bunk Beds For Sale

Modern Bunk Bed Couch For Sale

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Buy Mid-Century Modular Sleeper Sofa

twin size, king, and queen murphy beds

Contemporary Twin-Sized Murphybed

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5-Star Rated Sectional Bed Sofa Sets

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Space-Saving Sleeper Chair Bed

State-Of-The-Art Murphy Bed Styles

Buy Sofa Beds With Quality Workmanship & Materials

There are some places that sell sofa beds that look great at first and then fall apart if you even look at it wrong. That is not the case with the ones you can get at Expand Furniture. We have dedicated workers that are proud of the care that they put into making each sofa bed. They are diligent about using the best material and the right techniques to make it both extra functional and durable. Other sofas might make you hold your breath each time you pull out the bed. Not ours. You will easily and safely pull the bed out each time – it is durable and will last a long time.

Another thing that we are proud of is that our sofas are fashionable. Your home will look chic and modern with our furniture. Our prices are also extremely reasonable and we also often have sales to help you get the items that you want. You will love how your Ottawa apartment or home looks.

quality workmanship and materials

Ottawa Sectional Sleeper Sofa Sellers

Sleeper Sofa For Sale

When you shop at Expand Furniture, you will be getting sectional sleeper sofas that are made for the 2020s and beyond; they definitely won’t look like something from the 1960’s. The modern sleekness will add some uniqueness to your place, we are sure you’ll be able to find the perfect piece of furniture for your home in Ottawa. They will add an air of stylishness thanks to our wide selection of fabrics to pick from. You can also add a variety of loose cushions. Best of all, you can arrange this furniture however you like.

These sofas are not just for looking at. You can sit in them and enjoy how comfortable they are. The arms are usually curved and the seating is very plush. Perfect for just sitting back and watching a ball game or a TV show. You will also get a great night’s sleep on the sleeper sofa mattress. Feel free to check out our selection to find the one that fits your vision.

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