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How tall of a ceiling is required to use a loft?

We suggest at least 12 feet ceilings to really get the benefit out of a loft. You can certainly use a loft at a lower height but you are going to be sacrificing head room. If your ceilings are 9 feet or under we suggest considering another ‘add a room to your home product’ like a Murphy Bed with Couch or an Expandable table that gives your space multi-function.

What is the best storage bed for a loft?

When you are trying to maximize storage space in a loft the best storage bed is the Reveal or Pratico storage beds because their storage goes right to the floor and can store high depth items that conventional storage beds can’t.

Can you put a Murphy bed above a loft?

While some lofts are strong enough to support a murphy bed, often it makes more sense to have the murphy bed on the ground level as the upper loft section usually has less head room or vertical requirement for installation of a murphy bed. A conventional bed or storage bed is better suited for the upper loft section

Can you put a sofa on the top loft?

Yes it is possible to put a sofa on the top loft provided you have enough head room