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Browse our collection of folding and Space Saving Chairs. From the unique practical to architectural styling these chairs all offer the flexibility of converting into low storage options. The ability to easily transport and store flat makes it an easy choice to cart with you to a location other than your home. Organic shapes as well as structured sharp-edged looks give customers the choice for the folding chairs to work with your preferred décor style. The ease of the mechanisms and materials make for simple changes from single to being able to seat up to 8 people from a single unit – fun and playful love seats are a talking piece as well as practical solutions for extending seating to guests. All-in-all these no brainer options are perfect solutions to hide away when not in use or left out looking chic and smart!

Top-Rated Small Space Chairs For Sale

At Expand Furniture, you will find a vast selection of compact, stylish space-saving chairs for sale. From high-quality folding chairs, to extending bench seats, to storage ottomans, there is something for everyone! Whatever your preferred style, whether sleek and modern, or classy vintage, our unique space saver furniture is practical, affordable, and sustainable. At Expand Furniture, we know that small homes and minimal living are increasingly popular, which requires your furniture pieces to be multi-functional and versatile. Not only do our space saver chairs meet that requirement, but they are also super comfortable. Keep browsing to find just the right fit for your home!

Browse Popular Space Saving Chairs

Do you need a place to store your blankets, and also double as a seat or coffee table? Check out our extending ottoman or hidden seats ottoman. Do you have a cramped kitchen and dining area and need chairs that can fold flat when not in use? Browse through our highly popular selection of space saving dining chairs that can be easily tucked into a closet between meals. At Expand Furniture, our goal is to maximize your space while adding a clean-cut, modern look to your home. Be sure to check out our deals and clearance section too!

Purchase Storable Space Saver Chairs

When you browse Expand Furniture, you will find the biggest selection of space saving furniture you have ever seen! Our purpose is to create convertible furniture ideal for modern living, and our manufacturers have accomplished just that. Most of our items are always in stock, so when you order a piece you love, you can be sure it will be received in an efficient time frame. Additionally, when you purchase from Expand Furniture, you are guaranteed exceptional warranties, hassle-free returns, and 30-day price protection so you can be 100% sure you love what you chose.

Purchase Storable Space Saver Chairs

Browse Popular Space Saving Chairs

Having the right furniture pieces in your home makes all the difference between loving and hating your space. Just because your home is small, does not mean it needs to feel cramped. With our specialized, unique furniture that doubles as multiple pieces of furniture, you can maximize your space and ultimately make your belongings work for you. Manufactured with high-quality materials and built with versatility in mind, you are sure to be pleased with your experience here. Browse our highly popular Flexyah stools, platinum designer folding chairs, and other pieces of transformable furniture to find the perfect fit for your small home.

Purchase Storable Space Saver Chairs

As the world’s leading provider of high-quality, practical space saving furniture, Expand Furniture is committed to providing convenience and versatility for your home. Most of our storable space saver chairs come already assembled to streamline the process for our customers, and you can rest assured that we carry plenty of quantity in stock so nobody has to wait. Our shipping is fast, our warranties comprehensive, and we proudly offer a 30-day price protection offer so you can purchase with confidence. Overall, when you choose Expand Furniture to help maximize your living space, you are choosing versatility, quality, and beautiful design.

Online Store For Compact Folding Chairs

Do you love to have guests for dinner, but have been avoiding it simply because you have no storage space for clunky extra chairs? No more! With our stylish folding chairs at Expand Furniture, complete with sleek lines, steel frames, and contoured for comfort, you can entertain guests to your heart’s delight. Furthermore, our Nano Counter Height Folding Chairs are crafted with a seat pad for added comfort. Each of our space saver folding chairs is ultra durable, and best of all, is designed to fold up extra thin for minimum storage requirements. Browse our online selection to learn more!

Top Modern Compact Chairs For Sale

Our designers at Expand Furniture know that real estate trends are always fluctuating, which means our customers’ needs are too. While we strive to offer new designs and styles as often as possible, we have several tried and true compact chairs that remain consistently popular. These include the Pendulum Designer Folding Dining Chair that is slim and durable, the Nano Stylish Folding Chair with a comfortable seating pad, the unique Flexyah stool and bench combo, and the Cube 5 in 1 Ottoman Seat Space Saver. With affordable prices and styles designed to be incorporated into any home, you are sure to be pleased.

Top Modern Compact Chairs For Sale

Buy A Space Saver Convertible Bench

Expand Furniture offers a wide selection of convertible benches, designed to transform and hold anywhere from 1-10 people. Consider all those times you have wanted to host a party but hesitate because you just have no seating space in your tiny living space. No longer do you have to hold back! With our Flexyah Expanding Paper Bench that seats up to 10 people, not one person will be left without a seat. Or, browse our Scatola chair selection, the popular folding and extending bench. It is crafted with clean lines, comfortable padding, and the ability to seat 8 or more people.

Transformable Small Space Seating

It is no secret that tiny living requires versatile furniture. Rather than have a set of couches that can only be used in the living room, and a whole set of dining room furniture as well, why not browse the selection at Expand Furniture for something that can do both? We have a wide variety of sleek, transformable pieces that can easily alternate between one piece of furniture to another, and many of our singular pieces can seat 8-10 people or more! Transform any tiny living room space to a comfortable, open seating area in just seconds.

Best Small Room Chairs To Save Space

Whether you live in a small city apartment or tiny home, or are exploring various seating arrangements for a small office, there is something for everyone among our space saving furniture selection. At Expand Furniture, our mission is to revolutionize the way you think about furniture. We welcome you to think outside the box and give our stylish folding and extending chairs a fair chance. Not only can our unique pieces add a clean, fresh, modern appearance to any room, but they are comfortable, durable, and crafted with quality in mind. With our specialized compact chairs, you can easily maximize the space in any room.

Best Small Room Chairs To Save Space

Convertible Seating For Small Homes

Small homes are rapidly gaining popularity across North America. As a Canada-based company with warehouses located all across the continental US, Expand Furniture is motivated to create functional, exceptional pieces of furniture that make your home better. With our popular convertible seating options, you can seat anywhere from 1-10 or more people in just a few seconds. Many of our pieces feature comfortable padding, and all are crafted with high-quality materials. Browse through our wide selection of convertible seating options to find the perfect fit for maximizing the space in your home, so you never have to say no to guests again.

Extendable Accordion Chairs By Flexyah

If you have never heard of our extremely popular Flexyah extendable chairs, you ar ein for a treat. These one-of-a-kind benches and stools are actually made from 100% recycled paper, and have been tested under a hydraulic press to prove their strength and durability. Created to hold up to 260 lbs, or approximately 10 adults, the Flexyah extendable bench and stools come in earth brown or white, and can be manipulated into a variety of shapes to accommodate your seating arrangements. Held together with a velcro when shaped into a circle, and collapsible to about 6×11 inches, the Flexyah is perfect for everyone.

Five Star Reviewed Expandable Benches

The Flexyah is one of our best selling expandable benches, due to its durability, affordability, and functionality. It consistently carries a five-star rating from customers because it is such a unique piece that can easily expand from 6 inches to 132 inches (11 feet). When used appropriately, it can seat up to 10 adults at the same time, and we have cushions available for purchase to make the seat even more comfortable for extended sitting periods. With fast shipping and 30 day guarantees, you are sure to be fully pleased with your five-star Flexyah expandable bench.

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Browse Expandable Table & Chair Sets

Along with offering a vast selection of expandable chairs and ottomans, Expand Furniture carries space saving tables in multiple colors and styles to fit any home. What better way to know that you always have room for those last minute dinner guests and neighborhood friends that your kids bring home? Between our extendable dining tables, convertible coffee-to-dining tables, and the Tiny Titan transforming kitchen table, the options are endless for finding practical ways to maximize your space. We keep plenty of items in stock at our warehouses, and pride ourselves in fast shipping and comprehensive warranties.

Transforming Chairs Buyers Guide & Tips

Browsing through our wide selection of expandable chairs may seem overwhelming, especially to a customer new to the tiny living scene. Our design experts at Expand Furniture suggest writing down your goals and ideals about entertaining guests, how many guests, if you often have people staying overnight, meetings at your home, or if you tend to just keep to yourself. These goals will create pointers and boundaries for you to narrow down your search on our website, and pinpoint exactly which furniture piece would be most suitable for your lifestyle. Additionally, our 30-day price protection will help you purchase in confidence.

Gray Space Saving Dining Chairs

For a contemporary, comfortable atmosphere in your home, browse through our gray space saving chairs online. With multiple shapes, styles, adn designs available, you are sure to find the ideal fit for your home.

Black Small Space Dining Chairs

Our black dining chairs at Expand Furniture carry a modern, artistic appeal, designed to sit nicely underneath or inside the dining room table when not in use to allow more open floor space.

White Expanding Compact Stools

Browse our beautiful selection of white expanding compact stools, designed to collapse very small when not in use, and crafted to hold up to 300 or more pounds when fully opened.

Compact Dining Chair Ottoman Set

Our popular ottoman and dining chair set are crafted with high-quality materials and are completely affordable. They are specially designed to collapse down and fit snugly within the ottoman while not in use.

Mid-Century Space Saving Seating

Whether you prefer a farmhouse, vintage, or mid-century style in your home, Expand Furniture has something for everyone. Think outside the box and save space in style with our appealing, durable space saver seats.

Contemporary Space Saving Stools

Expand Furniture offers space saving stools for even the most contemporary customer. Most of our styles come in a variety of colors, including black, white, and gray, so you can find what fits best in your home.