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Space Saving Multifunctional Furniture For Sale In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most popular cities in the world. It’s where people go to make their dreams come true, whether they are artists or engineers. Entertaining is a great way to network, but many people find it challenging thanks to the small space that most homes and apartments encompass.

Expand Furniture can help you turn your home into a welcoming place for entertaining, while also creating the space to work from home to help you get ahead with your career aspirations. We do it all with Los Angeles space saver furniture.
You don’t have to blow your budget on tons of floor space to get the functionality you need out of your Los Angeles home. The transforming space saving furniture at Expand Furniture provides the solutions you need while also making your guests feel welcome.

Top Rated Los Angeles Space Saving Furniture For Sale

Small Space Saving Furniture For Los Angeles Residents

Maximize The Living Space In Your Small Los Angeles Apartment

You moved to Los Angeles with a lot of ambition. Unfortunately, your apartment is significantly smaller than your aspirations. It can quickly feel cramped even with only a few pieces of furniture. Fortunately, Expand Furniture can help you get the most out of what you buy. Our space saving furniture can also act multi-functionally. That way, you can enjoy your time in your Los Angeles apartment with things that look sleek and modern. You can relax by yourself or you can convert certain things to be able to entertain any guests. It’s all about maximizing your space.

Los Angeles Space Saving Furniture

Los Angeles is one hub of creativity and we at Expand Furniture want to help you unleash your own sense of that with our creative pieces of furniture. We can custom make things that will fit even odd angles in your Los Angeles apartment. Transforming furniture will make your life so much easier. Tables slide under each other, beds transforming into sofas, among other things. We can help you maximize your closet space, too. Your apartment will have a special flair with our items.


Bookshelves And Desktop Shelves

wall shelves

Elegant Wall Shelves & Floating Shelves

cupboard and closet storage

Cupboard And Closet Shelving & Storage


Expand Furniture, I want you to know how much we like our new table. It is exactly what we needed! The construction is excellent and the table is easy expand. The white high gloss is gorgeous. We were concerned about buying this table without seeing it in person, but it certainly worked out well.

Daniel Goldberg | Columbus, US


These little tables/stools surprised me with their quality – way better than I expected. they look awesome and are very sturdy, use them as instructed, though. No standing on them. Sit, prop your feet up, use them as a table! these little stools rock and everyone loves them!

Barb Wolfe | Langley, CA


I am just loving this couch. I like to move my furniture around A LOT. Every time I clean, I think up a different configuration. This week, we are seating for 4. Last week I was long mono-couch with two people laid out reading at either end. So much fun. Comfortable too. I prefer it without the feet, for easier push-ability.

Tiffany Self | Victoria, CA


Space Saving Furniture With Modern Designs In Los Angeles

High Quality Los Angeles Space Saver Furniture

Los Angeles Space Saving Tables

Our Console to Table is a transforming table that easily converts from a small side table to an office desk. You can use this transforming table to hold drinks and hors d’oeuvres while you are hosting a party, and then expand it to create a home office space for work.

A table is an important part of your Los Angeles apartment. It is where you eat, sit around with friends or family, and where you possibly do work, too. If you get one that is too large, then it can dominate your place and also make it feel too small. You can get tables that fit your sense of style while also saving space. You can get transforming furniture that does things like extend or can break down to smaller sizes like coffee tables. They work, whatever the occasion.

Space Saving Tables For Sale

Los Angeles Hidden Wall Beds

Calgary Space Saving Sofas For Sale

For overnight guests, our library wall bed provides the solution you need. When not in use, the bed is folded up into the wall, and the shelves offer you the space you need to store your books or household décor items. When guests need a place to stay, you can pull down the library wall bed for a comfortable place to sleep.

Your bed is a place where you recharge so that you can go pursue your Los Angeles dreams. The thing is, if you get one that is too large, it can make it awkward to even walk around your bedroom. Expand Furniture has a variety of beds that can be quite unobtrusive during the day – they can even function as sofas. Then it is only a simple matter of getting your bed ready in the evening or pushing it back for the day. You can get your needed rest while also having your place look stylish. Take a look at our catalog. Surely you will find something that speaks to you and your apartment.

Space Saving Sofas For Sale In Los Angeles

Our other space saving transforming furniture in Los Angeles includes coffee tables that become computer desks and computer desks that turn into tables that can seat 8 to 10 people. We also carry a range of sofa wall beds to help you convert your home office space into a guest room as needed.

The sofas are both very comfortable and can be converted into a bed, whether you get the pull-out bed or the hidden Murphy bed, where you just have to pull the bed down over the sofa. Either way, you can give you or your guest a great night’s sleep.

Living in a big city like Los Angeles means you might need to live small for a while before moving to larger living areas. Expand Furniture can help make sure that you maximize every inch of your place while also giving it a sense of style that makes it uniquely yours.

Space saving sofas in gray

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