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At Expand Furniture Vancouver, we are here to help you with our incredible space saving furniture and with service and prices we think you will be impressed by. Where are you located? We are based in Vancouver, primarily online, but we give full local support, installation and even consultation in Vancouver. Where have you seen us before? The Vancouver Sun, Dwell, Western Living, The Georgia Straight, Thisiswhyimbroke, Youtube, trade shows and many more. Visit our  showroom: #108-2050 Scotia Street, Vancouver, V5T-4T1.

Space saving furniture is almost a necessity in Vancouver, Canada, where we are becoming a high density living city. We are now known as one of the most expensive cities in world with a high cost of living and shrinking living spaces. However this is for a good reason, in the 2014 Mercer Quality of Living survey we were rated as highest quality of living in North America. As Vancouver residents and well traveled individuals we couldn’t agree more that Vancouver is a special place. The geography of Vancouver makes it so that there is a finite amount of space to expand out our buildings and homes, so eventually we have to start living smaller and smarter. Can you afford to live in Vancouver? Yes you can and we at Expand Furniture are here to help show you how with multifunctional smart furniture.  Quickly and easily make a dual purpose room through a MurphySofa wall bed, freeing up lots of extra room. Or simply add a space saving table which has multipurpose ability, such as a coffee table that turns into a dining table, or a tiny console table that extends out into a huge dining table.


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We are based in Vancouver and have some special space saving products and deals just for locals. While we offer our full shop of premium multifunctional wall beds and transforming tables, we also offer locals here in Vancouver access to our prototypes, liquidations or other interesting products. Visit our showroom to test products in person and see what is new.

A special city

Vancouver Transforming Furniture by Expand Furniture

Vancouver is an incredible city to be in and with so many things to do, location becomes king. Have you tried to park downtown during the fireworks? If you live downtown you probably realize how easy it to casually stroll over the the beach and avoid the traffic mayhem! There are plenty of sites from the stunning beaches in English Bay, to the funky cafes in Gastown and great eats in Yaletown. Since so many people want to live in this desirable area, the housing prices and rent prices are sky high. We want to show you how it is possible to live in smaller spaces without having to sacrifice your lifestyle. There are benefits to high density areas such as more events, concerts, culture, activities, and more choices in general. The average carbon foot print is also less when living in a smaller area. In New York City, the carbon footprint is 30% less than average in the rest of the United States.

We have a variety of convertible tables and wall beds to suit any sized home or space. A wall bed desk is a great option to turn a spare room into an office, while still having the option of a guest room for that occasional visitor. Wall beds with sofas can turn your lounge into a guest room, or open up your room to have a little more space during the day for yoga, relaxing or working. More developers are also starting to integrate these products into new buildings helping to educate people on what is possible in their homes. Now you can have access to the sort of deals developers get by shopping with us.

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