Welcome to the Dormire Sofa Bunk Bed Page.

When receiving the Domire bunk bed please note it is a heavy item and we suggest moving it with 2 people into place.

When lifting the Dormire bunk bed use your knees and not your back to lift. Always lock it in place properly and with the ladder before using the top bunk.

Watch the video on how to use the Dormire Sofa Bunk:

Trouble ShootingDormire Arms are loose or detached: Re-screw these in. If they are not threading properly you can put some wood glue and toothpicks in the wood hole. This will allow it to re-thread. Another option is to also just use a larger screw. See a video guide on how to fix the threading here:


Troubleshooting: The package can’t fit through your door?
Try first remove all the cardboard pack and then the foam seats and cushions to make it smaller.
If you still need to make it even smaller it requires some de-assembly. We suggest using 2 people.
Step 1: Raise the bed into bunk form.
Step 2: Remove the Top Bunk by unscrewing the bolts that connect the metalwork to it.
Step 3: Remove Side Metal Structure: Remove the piston from the lower bunk on both sides. You do this by taking out the pin which is locking it place as well as the bolts connecting the side metal on both sides.

The Bunk Bed will now be in 3 pieces. Top Bunk metal work, Middle structure, and lower bunk. This should go through almost any space.