A Comprehensive Buyers’ Guide to Transforming Bunk Beds

A Comprehensive Buyers' Guide to Transforming Bunk Beds

Get The Right Transforming Bunk Bed To Save Space At Home

There’s no denying that bunk beds are a perennial favorite for children’s bedrooms. Whether you’re dealing with a lack of space in your child’s bedroom, want an extra bed for friends and relatives to sleep over, or have multiple children sharing a room, bunk beds continue to be a popular choice throughout the world. Children love the adventure that comes from being up high on the top bunk or the excitement of making tents with the bottom bunk, while parents are primarily weighing the advantages of saving floor space with the economics of purchasing a bunk bed over two single beds. 

But there are other reasons you may not immediately think about when you begin shopping for a bunk bed for your child’s room. Transforming bunk beds are an innovative new option in the world of furniture that offer the space saving solution of traditional bunk beds along with added functionality, such as the Dormire V2 – Bunk Bed Couch Transformer. You even have the option of purchasing bunk beds that will fold flat against the wall or accommodate a fold out desk! As you consider purchasing bunk beds for your children’s room, take a look at these advantages of a transforming bunk bed system that will make your children’s rooms even more functional while saving floor space at the same time.

Space Saving Bunk Beds In Vancouver, BC

Are Transforming Bunk Beds Sturdy Enough For Adults?

Transforming bunk beds are also made to support adults. They are made to support a weight of 250+ lbs per bed and higher for seat weight. This can vary on the material of the bed, and most come with sturdy & safe guard rails, so you can share space with your child without worrying about accidents. Transforming bunk beds might be the perfect solution for those who lack space in their homes or want an extra bed,  plus they look great in any bedroom!

Save Floor Space

This is the most obvious benefit of a transforming bunk bed system. Since one bed stacks on top of the other, you get two beds in the footprint of one, leaving plenty of floor space for a desk, dresser, wardrobe, or play area. For very small bedrooms, a transforming bunk bed can have the option of being turned into a desk space, saving even more room in a small area where additional pieces of furniture will not fit. Another configuration is to fold the bottom bunk up against the wall. This resembles a loft bed system while also giving you the option of a second bunk bed for a second child, friend who wants to sleep over, or guest sleeping space, while also preserving valuable floor space for creative play.

Maximize Sleep Space

Another obvious benefit of a transforming bunk bed is that you can accommodate additional sleep space. With a traditional bunk bed, you have a second bed available for another sibling, a friend who wants to sleep over, or a guest who needs a place to sleep. There’s no worry about anyone feeling cramped or uncomfortable, and you don’t have to deal with people sleeping on your couch. Everyone has plenty of room for relaxation and refreshing sleep. Transforming bunk beds are the ultimate solution for siblings who want to share a room while having their own designated space for sleeping or reading. With a transforming bunk bed, you can choose a fold up option that enables you to have a second sleep area available when needed without taking up the floor space of a second bed. Simply fold the second bed up against the wall and enjoy the added floor space. 

Easily Transform Any Room

Transforming bunk beds really shine because they give you the ability to change the look or function of almost any room in your home. Choose from a variety of innovative bunk bed models that can transform from a comfortable sofa into a bunk bed or offer the convenience of a fold out desk. With these options, you can transform any area of your home, vacation home, or cabin from a classic sofa that provides the perfect place for watching movies, playing video games, or visiting with guests into comfortable yet separate sleeping space for two people. You can even turn the top bunk into a cozy couch for second row seating to view the game on the big screen! The possibilities are endless! If a sofa isn’t your style, choose from transforming bunk bed options that fold into the wall for a smooth appearance with or without a pull out desk. If floor space is especially tight, consider a vertical folding model that looks like a chic wardrobe.

Accommodate Changing Space Needs

With so many available options, a transforming bunk bed is the perfect solution for someone who anticipates changing space needs in their home or cabin. Whether you need an additional sofa or another sleeping space, a transforming bunk bed will do it all so you can have exactly the right amount of seating and sleeping areas without needing additional pieces of furniture.

Top Rated Transforming Bunk Beds In Vancouver

Get the best in transforming bunk bed options and technology with Expand Furniture. We provide a variety of options so you can find the ultimate solutions for your home, whether you need added sleeping spaces, sofas, desks, or a combination. Visit our website today, we offer only the highest quality furniture with the best customer service for the definitive customer experience. 


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