Hidden Beds: A Space-Saving Alternative For Bedrooms

Hidden Beds: A Space-Saving Alternative For Bedrooms

Revolving Murphy Beds That Offer Space Efficiency Without Giving Up On Quality

Beds typically make up the most square footage in a bedroom. (They even give the room its name.) But you may not want to make your bed the focal point of the room. Or you may want to get more functionality out of the space that a bed makes impossible. With some creative designing – and the right space-saving furniture – you can create a stylish and functional space.

Hidden beds offer a clever alternative to the traditional bed. They come in a variety of styles to fit your decor scheme, while also saving you space.

The Amazing Benefits Of Owning a Hidden Bed In Vancouver, BC.

Murphy beds are specialty beds that fold up against the wall when they are not in use. The mattress has a hydraulic lift, and the platform closes into a cabinet mounted on the wall. Revolving Murphy beds fold up into a cabinet that can then spin around to reveal a bookcase, a desk, or some other element.

Revolving Murphy beds help you to make maximum use of the space without giving up on style or quality. You can get a unique piece of furniture that will make a big impact.

An Easy To Hide & Sleek Wall Bed With a Twist

The Compatto Wall Bed Revolving Bookcase with Table is a sleek revolving Murphy bed that will elevate the look of any bedroom. The bed doesn’t look like a bed at all when you look at it. Instead, it looks like a stylish bookcase with an open-shelf design. It has a sophisticated and contemporary look.

A smooth panel in the center of the bookcase marks the back of the bed cabinet. Rotate the bookcase, and you will reveal the bed, which you can pull down when it is time to sleep.

Premium Italian Aesthetics & Functionality

Revolving Murphy beds come in a wide variety of styles and configurations. The Amore Revolving TV Murphy Bed offers premium Italian aesthetics, as well as superior functionality. On one side of the cabinet is a bookcase with a space large enough to display a television. On the other side is a cabinet with the bed inside.

The unit comes in a variety of beautiful wood-tone finishes or colorful lacquers. You can create any look you want to fit your space.

The Versatile, Customizable & Smart Option

The Compatto TV Revolving Bookshelf and TV Murphy Bed offers a twist on the other Compatto model. But instead of having a smooth panel in the middle of the shelf, it has a wide, open space to display a TV. The rest of the bookcase is full from bottom to top with shelves for books and other items. The entire space is available for display and storage.

On the other side of the bookcase reveals the bed folded up against the unit. You just pull it down easily to create a comfortable sleeping space.

Save Space With Expand Furniture’s Rotating Murphy Beds

You can create a beautiful bedroom and make maximum use of your space with these gorgeous and innovative rotating Murphy beds from the Expand Furniture line-up. We also have a variety of other rotating Murphy beds to choose from, as well as traditional Murphy beds that are paired with shelves, desks, sofas, and more. You can use these space-saving Murphy beds in any room of your home where you want to add sleeping space – not just a bedroom. You can add them to a living room or office to create extra space for guests or for your growing family.

Expand Furniture has a large catalogue of other space-saving furniture that you can use in any room of your home. We have expanding dining tables, convertible coffee tables, lift and storage beds, modular and sectional sofas, modular shelving, and much more. Our high-quality furniture is designed to be multi-functional yet stylish. Our pieces will elevate the decor in any room of your home. Our designs are also customizable with different fabrics, finishes, and more. Explore our catalogue online to find the perfect space-saving furniture pieces for your bedroom or any other room in your home.


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