Amazing Furniture Options For Small Outdoor Areas

Amazing Furniture Options For Small Outdoor Areas

Space-Saving Furniture To Upgrade Your Patio Or Terrace

Just because you have a small outdoor space doesn’t mean that you can’t create a beautiful place to rest or to entertain. You don’t always need a big space – you just need big ideas for how to make the most of that space with the right furniture and other elements. With a few, well-chosen items, you can make a beautiful space that you will love spending time in.

Expand Furniture specializes in space-saving and stylish furniture for the inside and outside of your house. We have innovative options for every space, including your small outdoor areas.

Beautiful space-saving furniture in Vancouver, BC.

You may not have a sprawling patio. You may have only a small slab that gives you little more room than to fit a small table and chairs. Or you may have only a terrace outside a studio or apartment. Expand Furniture has the ideal furniture to upgrade these spaces, no matter their size and no matter their other limitations. Our space-saving furniture is designed to adapt to unique spaces without sacrificing quality or style.

Check out some of the exceptional pieces we have available for your outdoor spaces:

Origami Round Tables For a Minimalistic Approach

With very small spaces, you may not want to have a dedicated table and chairs in the space at all times. You may only want to access those things when they are needed, but you also don’t want to have to lug around a table and chairs every time you want to enjoy a coffee while watching the birds. The Origami Folding Round Table is the perfect solution. It is a lightweight table that can easily be folded down when not in use.

Pair the table with some stylish folding chairs for the ultimate convenience. You can easily store these items when not in use to create an open space, or you can easily pull them out whenever you want to spend some time relaxing on your patio or terrace.

Folding Chair Sets Offer Unbelievable Space Reduction

Sometimes, all you need is a really great chair to create a relaxing space. The Flux Envelope Folding Chair Set is ideal for indoor or outdoor areas where space is at a premium. These stylish and unique chairs fold into thin sheets that can easily be stored anywhere when not in use. They are easy to fold together when you need a comfortable seat.

The Flux chairs have a unique design that will also impress your guests. But they aren’t all style over substance! These chairs are comfortable, as well, and will create a wonderful area to relax.

The Most Useful Assistant For Social Gatherings

It’s time to venture outside and take advantage of your outdoors for social gatherings. With the Outdoor Gigante – Console to 10 person table, you’ll be able to create an ideal patio dining space with multi-functionality and convenience. Thanks to its water and weatherproof features, this table can last for many years under normal use.

The Outdoor Gigante can extend to seat more than 10 people while offering a stylish and modern look for outdoor and large dinner parties. You can even size it depending on the number of guests you have, making it a practical option for your patio.

Adaptable Transforming Outdoor Coffee Tables

You don’t always want to entertain a large crowd. With furniture like the Outdoor Box Coffee Transforming Table, you can have the flexibility to easily convert your space for an outdoor dinner party, while quickly putting it back to offering you a nice place to relax and enjoy quiet meals or study on your own.

This table easily pushes up to become a dining table, and it can expand out to seat up to eight people. When you’re done, push it back down to become a stylish coffee table.

Discover Space Saving Solutions With Expand Furniture

Expand Furniture offers a large selection of high-quality and stylish transforming furniture that you can use inside and outside your home. In addition to these great pieces, we have other transforming tables, folding chairs, Murphy beds, lift and store beds, modular and sectional sofas, and much more. Explore our catalogue to find the perfect pieces for any space in your home.


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