FlexYah Bench & Seat Pack



FlexYah Bench & Seat Pack


The FlexYah extending Brown chair expanding chair is now available for online purchase worldwide . This chair is a flexible piece of art, it bends and extends into a 6-10 person bench and compacts down into a tiny 1 seat chair-bench. Shape this flexible chair to fit your space, wrap it around a table or bend it backwards to create a round seating centerpiece at your next event. Capable of holding 260 lbs of weight per seat, for up to 10 adults at its absolute max.

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The FlexYah bench & Seat pack comes with 1x FlexYah bench in Brown and 6 padded seats in brown.

Okay so it’s strong, but it is made of paper, so how durable is the flexible Bench? A well tried product, the FlexYah can seat 10+ adults without hurting the strength. Will the paper indent or get damaged over time? Yes, light wear is to be expected and its considered part of the art of it. Your body and guests will lightly shape the very top layer overtime and your own flexible history will be recorded. The under layer will remain structurally sound and strong. The longer you use this product the more flexible and easier it becomes to manipulate. Consider it will take practice to use this chair, it will want to contract in and out at first like an accordion.

The FlexYah Bench stretches out to seat 8-10 people from a compact 6 inch size. You will love its flexible ability to change its shape and adapt its size. The transforming nature makes it a conversation piece as well as a functional seat space saver. It is made of recycled cardboard paper and utilizes a tried and true combination of corrugation and density. Combined with the tall height of the paper it can remarkably hold up to 2,000 lbs of weight! Available in Brown or White.


Collapsed size

6 inches x 11 inches x 15 inches

Maximum Extended size

132 inches (11 feet) x 11 inches x 15 inches


11kg or 24.2 lbs

Seat height

15 inches.


Quick shipping

7-10 days for the USA and Canada. International please inquire.


Brown Recycled Cardboard or White Recycled Craft Paper.

Seating Capacity

2-6 Adults when quick stretched
6-10 Adults when fully stretched

How does the seat feel?

This is bench style seating which is firm, but it does come with padded seats for extra comfort during longer periods of sitting, or consider the Nano Folding chair as another option.

How long will it last

While you might be able to dent and leave impressions on the top layer, it will still flex, expand and hold your weight even after years of use. Expect to see wear on the top layers and consider this part of the rustic, natural appeal.

Is it Waterproof?

It is water-resistant but not waterproof. What that means in practical terms is try not spill water on it, but if you do by accident, dab up excess water as fast as possible with a towel and let it dry out – this should not affect the function although water stains might show up and shape might be slightly distorted. We advice to not sit on the product with a wet rain jacket or wet attire.


This is made from recycled cardboard (brown) or Recycled craft paper (white)

Warranty & Returns

On arrival we guarantee that it will be defect free and we offer a 30 day limited Warranty on its construction. There is an expected wear and tear on this product in time due to its cardboard build. Customers should expect to see impressions and indentations that are a normal feature with use. Normal “wear and tear” are not covered under warranty. If overstretched, beyond our recommendations (maximum 11 feet) you could tear the cardboard or damage the glue (this is hard to do, but please don’t try!) – this voids the warranty. If you do not open the product, you can return it (for USA/Canada orders only) within 7-10 days of receiving it. Overseas orders are final.

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