FlexYah Stool: 2x Ultra Compact folding Seats



FlexYah Stool: 2x Ultra Compact folding Seats


The FlexYah folding Stools are amazingly compact at only 1.5 inches deep but unfold into a seat capable of supporting 400lbs of weight. The 2 Stools are built with expandable paper and they include soft padded seat tops in each pack. They are wonderful quick extra seating options for any event.  Transforming from the tiny compacted shape is easy.  Simply fold open the package and use the velcro pieces to join the seat ends together. The result is a circular seat that can easily support any adult.

Pairs well with the larger FlexYah Bench.


The FlexYah Stool Seat comes in a 2 pack and is the perfect quick seat solution for your guests. The flat paper unfolds into a stool that seats up to a 400lb adult.  They are extremely small and can pack away in a cupboard or backpack and take up minimal space of only 1.5 inches in depth. They unfold into a round single seat or you can use the stool as an ottoman. The included packaging is also handy for storage cleverly fitting in 2 FlexYah Stools and 2 Pads in a convenient carton which can be re-used. The Stool unfolds easily and is secured by smartly placed Velcro strips which latch the stool in a circular shape. A brilliant and fun design for quick seating for any event. Available in White or Brown. Pairs well with the FlexYah Bench.

Quick shipping: 7-10 days for the USA and Canada. International please inquire.

Colors: Brown Recycled Cardboard, or White Recycled Craft Paper

Seating Capacity:
Ships with 2 seats per order – brown or white – matching cushion seat (Dark Brown for Walnut stool, and White for White stool).
1 Adult per seat with a weight capacity maximum of 400 lbs.

Collapsed size: 1.5 inches x 6 inches x 15 inches
Seat Height: 15 inches + 1 inch padded seat
Weight: 2kg

How does the seat feel? This base seat is firm cardboard with a soft padded seat for comfort. It’s pleasant for extra seating.

How long will it last: While you might be able to dent and leave impressions on the top layer, it will still flex, expand and hold your weight even after years of use. Expect to see wear on the top layers and consider this part of the rustic natural appeal.

Is it Waterproof? It is water resistant but not water proof. Please do not purposely spill water on it, but if you do by accident – dab with with a towel and let it dry out. The Product will still function but may stain and become slightly misshapen. Do not sit on the chair with a wet rain jacket or wet attire.

Material: This is made from recycled cardboard (brown) or Recycled craft paper (white)

Warranty & Returns: On arrival we guarantee that it will be defect free and we offer a 30 day limited Warranty on its construction. We expect wear and tear on this product in time due to its nature paper construction and build. Customers should expect that use will leave impressions and indentations – this is not covered under warranty. This product is intended to be used in the Stool form and not as a bench form, do not overstretch it! This voids the warranty. If you do not open the product you are able to return it (for USA/Canada orders only) within 7-10 days of receiving it. Overseas orders are final.

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Customer Reviews

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Jose Castro II (Los Angeles, US)


Barb Wolfe (Langley, CA)
We love you Flex Yah, Yah, Yah!

These little tables/stools surprised me with their quality - way better than I expected. they look awesome and are very sturdy, use them as instructed, though. No standing on them. Sit, prop your feet up, use them as a table! these little stools rock and everyone loves them!
I forgot to add a picture the first time I tried a review. So I may have accidentally posted two reviews. Stools so awesome, I had to review them twice!

Sally Whitehead (Sooke, CA)
So compact that I store the stools in the never-used cupboard above the fridge!

Perfect for condo living - just pop them out for company seating at the flex desk/table.

Rick Jason Colina (Vancouver, CA)
Compact and Functional! It compliments my minimalistic lifestyle really well~

Very secure stools, and easy to store away to tidy up the space! My ONLY suggestion really is to just have some sort of cloth to cover the seat as the edges feel quite sharp when touching or brushing your leg against it by accident. I feel like you could possible make a carrying bag for the seat that doubles as a cover. I currently use plastic bags to cover it just to prevent any cuts or the like from happening.

I still give it 5 stars though because it does what it does at a high level.

Xinyu Wang (Vancouver, CA)

FlexYah Stool: 2x Ultra Compact folding Seats