MurphySofa Stratus: Queen Sectional Sofa Set


MurphySofa Stratus: Queen Sectional Sofa Set


The MurphySofa Stratus Sectional Sofa and wall bed system. The cupboards swing open above the sofa height for easy access. The MurphySofa folds over the Stratus Sofa perfectly, you can leave the sofa in place without having to move it. The Stratus sofa’s plush comfort and great style makes it a pleasure to sit on for lounging but also has upgrade options with its modular nature. You can move the ottoman or 100cm shelving to either side of the wall bed. You can add more single or corner modules on to widen or lengthen the sofa into a larger sectional. The choice is yours with this spectacular modular design and amazing wall bed system. Stunning comfort with incredible functionality and future proof design.

In home delivery ~4 weeks in USA / Canada
5 year warranty

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Inquire for Canadian timing – which is expected for August~

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The MurphySofa Stratus sectional sofa seats 3+ people very comfortably and includes a large ottoman which you can place in front of any seat or use independently. The MurphySofa system folds over top of the Stratus sofa perfectly without having to move the seats. It has a 100cm shelving cupboard system which you can hang clothes in as well access the deep storage box to put away pillows and bedding. The cupboards swing open above the sofa height allowing access without conflict. A spectacular joining of the MurphySofa wall bed system with the stunning Stratus sofa set makes for a comfortable modular sofa system that is up-gradable with the extra function of the wall bed. Choice of open shelving or closed cupboard (as pictured). Just let us know in your order notes. View more MurphySofa options here.

*If you are planning on building cabinetry around this we highly recommend installing the wall bed first and then building around it after and not the other way around.


Basic Measurements of Wall bed:

66.5 inches (169 cm)

91.5 inches (232.5 cm)

Depth of Murphy:
15.75 inches (40 cm)

Depth of Murphy when open:
85.75 inches (218 cm)

Stratus 3 seat Sofa Measurements:

Consists of 3 seat modules and 1 ottoman module that join together and measure:
120.5 wide

Each seat module:
30.8 inches (78 cm) deep by 40.2 inches (102 cm) wide and 30.3 inches (77 cm) tall with cushions in place.

Seat & ottoman height:
15.7 inches (40 cm) tall


Shipping – North America

Fully insured for safe delivery of furniture. Allow ~3 weeks for in stock orders. This may vary based on your location. You will get a call from a local company in your area to arrange the 2 man in home delivery just inside your front door.


5 Years on wall bed hardware & mechanics. Expand Furniture’s Rapid customer service.

Warranty On Sofa:

Extended 500-day manufacturer warranty on sofa and hardware.

Mattress Requirements:

Size: 60 x 80 inches (10 inch or under thickness)
Weight: 50 lb minimum, 100 lb maximum. Inquire for out of scope weights.

You can test out a mattress that suits your comfort level and lifestyle. This will fit most North American Queen Sized mattress under 10 inches in height. We strongly recommend a 8-9 inch mattress so you can leave your pillows duvet and other items on. It is compatible with the Expand 8″ gel mattress or the 9 inch magniflex. Receive $500 discount on the MurphySofa when you purchase it at the same time as the Magniflex. Inquire for details

Minimum required width and height to install this system:

120.5 inches wide and 93 inches tall.
Looking for something smaller? Have a look at 2 Seat MurphySofa Stratus or the MurphySofa Minima Double.

Combined required width for the wall bed & shelving portion:

You need a minimum of 106.5 inches to fit the wall bed and shelving and 8 feet ceilings or a minimum of 93 inches height.

Closed Cupboard or Open Cupboard choice. Modular design – can placed on either side of the wall bed:

100cm closed shelving: 39.37 inches wide by 15.75 inches deep
This glossy white wide shallow depth cupboards perfect for storing your clothing as well as extra bedding or storage in a compact form. This can be placed on either side of the bed. The cupboard opens above the sofa back rest height and are built for this system.
You also have the choice of having an open cupboard if you prefer, view the open model here and let us know in your order notes.

We can also remove the side cupboards from this system completely if you have a conflict like a window. Example:


Fabrics for The Stratus Modular Sofa

100 % Polyester fabric make our designer couches immensely comfortable and are great for durability and wiping away minor spills. Included are 3 cushions in Sky Grey, Dusty Blue and a Black & White Checkered pattern.


Sofa Cleaning Expand Furniture Couch Sets

Spot clean with damp cloth, add mild fabric cleaner or detergent soap, if needed. Do not use harsh chemicals or bleaches. Use a soft microfiber style cloth and do not scrub fabric.

Wall Bed Assembly required:

The MurphySofa Stratus requires assembly.
Approximately 3 to 5.5hrs with 2 people. We can provide Skype Video assistance.

Wall Mounting Required:

Homes have different wall structures and it is important to get the correct anchors for your wall. While most hardware is included in this we do require you purchase your own wall anchors for this reason. After you determine your wall type (Drywall, Brick, Concrete, Wood etc) we can advise you on anchors or you can talk to your local hardware store or have your installer advise. For most handymen this is an easy task.

Transforming table compatible:

This system is compatible with our transforming coffee tables which you can leave in place below the wall bed without having to move anything of out the way. Harmony!

Future Proof System for ease of mind:

The sofa system is future proofed to allow upgrades and changes. So if you decide you want a new sofa style in 10 years time, or if have a mishap when a naughty dog eats your sofa and you need a new one, you are not stuck and we will have compatible options now and in the future.

Popular Pairings & Options

If you want to make this Sofa System larger it is compatible with:
Stratus Single
Stratus Corner
Stratus Ottoman

If you want to make the shelving larger it is compatible with:
60cm shelving
100cm cupboard
100cm open shelving
60cm open shelving

View more MurphySofa options here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Lisa A. (New York, US)

I have had my eye on this company for years and was so impressed with their innovative products. I could not wait to order from them. When the time came, I jumped.
Let me begin with the quality of the product. I am so impressed with how well this unit is made. It is truly everything I thought it would be and more. Beautiful, simple yet stylish & a flawless operation.
There was an issue that did turn our purchase into quite a frustrating situation at first, unfortunately. Partly due to Expand, partly due to an outside party. However, when I say that Expand WENT ABOVE AND BEYOND to correct the situation, I cannot stress enough just how much they did. It got somewhat personal as the owner believes so much in his products (as he should) that we decided to trust him and his judgement regarding how to move forward. No regrets!
So know that when you purchase from Expand, you are purchasing from a company that not only produces beautiful, quality, multi-functional products, but one that truly cares. A company you can absolutely trust. And one that truly wants their customers to be happy. And we are very happy!
Thank you Expand and thank you Adam!!

Re: Pictures: Waiting for Sofa and will update when it arrives.

Luke E Mascall (Toronto, CA)
Great solid product for my studio apartment

I scoured the internet and read many reviews of murphy-sofa-beds across many websites and settled on Expand Furniture's MurphySofa Clean - Sectional Queen Wall Bed. This was primarily due to the solid construction that it showed to have had in the videos. Many other murphy beds did not appear as solid and secure and would more rapidly depreciate with wear and tear as you use the product. The other features, such as a 3 seat couch, closet space, and under-couch storage were all huge pros.

While yes, more costly than a "normal" murphy bed, I would say it much more makes up for it in the huge value you get out of it. It was also able to transform my studio apartment in to a true multi use space, having the couch to host a few friends, and a bed for use at night.

Bonus: The contractors who I had install the unit said it was one of the most sturdy products they had ever worked with.

Jeff Celmainis
The Wall Sofa is functional, comfortable and adds style!

The Wall Sofa turned my family room into a bedroom when needed! Its very functional! The sectional couch is also very comfortable and looks great in my living room. I would highly recommend this Wall Bed Sofa for those looking to maximize space without giving up style. #functionalcondoliving

Eileen (San Diego, US)
Awesome Product!

Extremely happy with the product - saves lots of space, makes the space flowing really well. Always wanted to have a sectional sofa (and a guest bed) - I am really surprised and thrilled to see this whole thing fits into my 1-bedroom condo, and we still have lots of space to use.

Marc Perel (Delray Beach, US)

Love the product. Excellent customer service. The owner of the company is personally involved. The quality of the product is superior to other companies at a much better price.