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MurphySofa Clean- King Size Murphy Bed with Sofa



MurphySofa Clean- King Size Murphy Bed with Sofa


Live like a King while maximizing space with a King Size Murphy Bed and Sofa. The 3 seat sofa has built in storage for your bedding and linens and is perfectly designed to rest under the bed when you fold it down. The Quad Piston system helps balance this mighty bed. You can leave the sofa exactly in place and fold down your King Size Murphy Bed. This is a specially designed King bed is made to save you space with future proof ability. You can add on a chaise and shelving to make this into a sectional Sofa model. Works well with any USA sized 10 inch mattress or under, we recommend the Expand Gel MattressContact us for quick ship inventory before ordering.  Allow 16 weeks for custom orders

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The King Size Murphy Bed with sofa is the perfect solution for those who want a large king size bed but don’t want to waste precious space during the day. Live in luxury with a monster King Size Bed at night and simply fold up the bed during the day to use your now open living room. The added bonus with this bed is that it comes with a Large Sofa that can comfortably seat 3+ people. The bed folds over the sofa without having to move it out of the way for an easy transition. The sofa also lifts up to expose a large storage area for bedding, pillows or general storage. A huge space saving package that allows you to live like a king even if your space wasn’t designed for a bed this big.  Sectional Sofa version with 100cm shelving also available.

Compatible with most transforming tables. (they can stay below the wall bed without needing to move them!)

Compatible with any 10 inch (max) or under mattress. We recommend using an 8 or 9″ max height like the Expand 8″ Gel Mattress which leaves some room for your bedding and is healthy and comfortable.

Quick Ship model:
Glossy white panels + grey sofa.
Fits a USA size 10 inch mattress
(Shelving pictured + $995)

King Wall bed Measurements:
Width: 83.15 inches
Height: 91.81 inches,
Depth of Murphy Bed: 15.75 inches or 40cm
Depth of bed when open: 84.5 inches or 214.5cm

*If you are planning on building cabinetry around this we highly recommend installing the wall bed first and then building around it after and not the other way around.

Sofa Measurements:
Width: 91.75 with arms, 80 inches sitting area.
Depth: 31.5


Compatible shelving:
60cm Shallow depth open shelf
60cm Shallow depth Coat/Clothing Cupboard
100cm Shallow depth Coat/Clothing Cupboard

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Wall Mounting Required
Homes have different wall structures and it is important to get the correct anchors for your wall. While most hardware is included in this we do require you purchase your own wall anchors for this reason. After you determine your wall type (Drywall, Brick, Concrete, Wood etc) we can advise you on anchors or you can talk to your local hardware store or have your installer advise.

Panel Finish: Glossy white is our stocked model (this sometimes sells out). If you want a custom order we have a huge variety of options if you can wait 16 weeks. Please inquire.

Choose your Fabric:
View some of the options below as alternative options for your king sofa fabric. Replacement fabrics can be ordered. Or you can place a custom order if you can wait 16 weeks.





A-J fabric choices k-s fabric options


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