Thank you for purchasing a Trojan Table!

How to use the Trojan:

Always pick up and lower the table sides with 2 hands. Never drop them or let them fall rapidly.
Always add the support bar and make sure you place it under the support grip

Please note the plastic holder for the support leg is purposefully off center. This is normal!

Assembly guide:

Inside your table are 4 Nano chairs in a box, these can be removed and unpacked back inside. The leaves come detaches for safe transport. They need to be re-attached by following the instructions below:

Step 1:  Important Note –

When installing your hinge please make sure to loosen the middle bolt (on the table side hinge) completely before inserting the large bolt that connects the hinge. This will make for a tighter connection. Please loosen this hinge bolt before proceeding

Step 2: Installation
Next we attach the table top to the base & tighten the hinges.
Some customers might prefer to first move the support leg to the middle and balance the panel on top. Or you can do as we show in the video. Either work.
When inserting your connection bolt please try and make sure this is straight and not at an angle. Forcing this bolt in can de-thread the bolt. If the bolt is straight it should go in easily without much force. If you strip the bolt please see the solution at the bottom of this page.

Before lowering the panels, while it is still on the support bar, jiggle and pull the panel a bit to make sure it is connected properly.

Here is a guide on how to adjust the hinges that hold the panels. If you have a gap adjusting the big screw/bolt can tighten or loosen this.

After the boards are installed and if you still have a gap it can be adjusted further: The small bolt adjusts the hinge up and down. Please see the video:




Trouble shooting:

If your Hinge or your bolt is not tightening, one of them might be stripped. This is simply resolved by using a ‘self tapping’ screw.
This screw will re-thread the metal and compress the hinge to be tight again and strong.
You can use a M5* 12mm self tap screw from a local hardware store.
This will take some extra pressure to make it tight by turning through the metal.
Remember to make sure the middle adjustment bolt is loose before tightening!
How do these hinge connections work?
These hinges have threading on either half on opposite sides. When the 2 sides are lined up after insertion the connecting bolt pushes them together and the threads on each side lock into each other.

A self tapping screw or the original bolt will do the same job. If a threading is off the self tapping screw is as strong or stronger once inserted.