Sofa Bed Buyers Guide

sofa bed buyers guide

Buying a sofa bed can ensure that you always have a comfortable place for your guests to sleep. You don’t have to worry about moving the kids out of their beds or putting people on the uncomfortable couch. Everyone can have their own, comfortable space for a great night’s sleep. The right sleeper sofa can […]

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Understanding Sofa Bed Designs

understnading sofa bed designs

You’ve probably slept on a couch bed before. You’ve almost certainly at least seen a sleeper sofa in Vancouver before. And the sleeper sofas in Vancouver you’ve seen probably all look very similar: A boxy couch with a terrible pattern and a metal frame that pulls out to hold a thin mattress. The bed is […]

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Accessorizing Your Sofa Bed

accessorizing your sofa bed

While we believe that our sofa beds in Vancouver look gorgeous all on their own, we recognize that a simple sleeper sofa standing alone in the middle of a room might not be your aesthetic. Accessorizing your sofa bed can bring the room together and create different looks, depending on what options you choose. Whenever […]

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Sofa Bed Reviews and Ratings

sofa bed reviews and ratings

When you are shopping for a sofa bed, it is important that you look at customer reviews and ratings to get a good sense of what people have to say about their actual experience with the product. Otherwise, you’re left with just the marketing copy of the retailer itself, which is always going to be […]

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