Pratico Guide

Thanks for purchasing a Pratico lift bed.

Below is a helpful video tip and guide on how to use the bed and adjust it.

Manual for the Queen Lift bed for 2022

Manual for the Queen for 2021 or previous years

Manual for the King

When installing the corners on step 1 of the manual, it is best to not use the top dowel on the corners on any of the connections, and we suggest not using this top dowel due to this being a pressure point.

Please also be careful when screwing in the brackets to connect the corners as over tightening can cause cracking on the connected panel.

Written notes about the install:

When you install the headboard please remember to use 3x washers per bolt and be very careful!
You do not need to tighten the bolts too much, as over tightening could cause damage easily, only tighten very lightly and check the visible side as you slowly do this key step.

If you remove the headboard we suggest just removing the lower bolts and leaving the headboard in tact. You can then disassemble further, but it is easier this way

If there is any contact of the frame hitting the end of the bed this can be adjusted in 2 ways which can be seen in the video guide.

  1. By Adjusting the mechanism on the side of the beds by loosening the bolts and moving it accordingly.
  2. By Adjusting the metal frame that attaches to the mechanism by loosening the bolts and moving accordingly.

To install the pistons, this is done on the frame only after it is raised in the air. A common mistake is that customers try to push compress the pistons by hand to install them. Once installed the frame will be very hard to lower without the mattress which adds weight, and the weight of mattress is distributed across the frame so you should put your mattress on the upright frame before lowering it. This is better for the bed but easier with a 2nd person to help you. If this is not possible you can lower the frame and place your mattress on it. Placing the mattress on the upright frame however is an absolute requirement if you have ‘stronger’ pistons special ordered for a heavy mattress.

You have 13.75 inches of clearance on the bed for storage and 1 area where you have 10 inches (under the brace bar). Do no exceed this height or you could damage your stored goods.
There are also metal support bars which you should be aware of. We suggest marking the areas in the storage so you don’t put anything in the way.

If you need assistance please do contact us.

How to attach the pistons (Reveal Lift Bed, but same method!): This is one of the last steps, you can do this after your bed frame is assembled.  Lift the frame up to a high point and then attach the pistons. Do not try compress the pistons by hand or lower the frame without the mattress on. (Specially on the King beds). The mattress needs to be on the frame to lower the system! Watch the video below: