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You don’t have to upgrade your home or remodel it to get the space you need – you just need to make better use of the space you have. Expand Furniture has the space-saving furniture you need, including stylish sofa beds. These aren’t the sleeper sofas you remember as a kid; they are chic sofas with modern designs and luxury fabrics. You wouldn’t even recognize them as sofa beds if someone didn’t tell you that they were.

Expand Furniture offers several sleeper sofa options to help you or your guests get a great night’s sleep and to improve your home’s décor. Each of our space-saving sofa beds is made with the highest quality materials and with great attention to detail. You’ll love the craftsmanship that goes into each of these sleeper sofas.

The Harmony Renoir queen size memory foam sofa bed is one of our most popular models. The mattress pulls out seamlessly to become a full queen-sized bed that provides plenty of room for one person and enough space for two to be comfortable. You can use this sleeper sofa in your office or guest room, or you can even use it in your own bedroom to reduce the clutter from furniture. Instead of losing your floor space to a bed, you can take advantage of all that room throughout the day to move more freely, make space for study or exercise, or anything else. The thick mattress alternate firm high-density foam and soft memory foam so you get both the support and comfort you desire.

For many, a king size bed is the ultimate in luxury. You can sprawl out and get comfortable even with a partner in the bed. But a king size bed takes up a lot of real estate in your bedroom, making it hard for you to move around comfortably or to put the other furniture you need in the space. Using the Harmony king sofa bed with memory foam can help you get the best of both worlds. The mattress folds out to a full king-sized bed, taking up no extra room at the head of the bed. The memory foam mattress provides a firm yet comfortable night’s sleep. You can use the king sofa bed in your own bedroom or you can use it in your living room, guest room or home office. Guests will be pleasantly surprised to have a comfortable king-sized bed when you tell them you have a sleeper sofa ready for them.

Adding the Harmony single sofa bed with memory foam to any room will give you extra sleeping space for one. You can add this small couch chair to a room with another sleeper sofa to maximize space for your family or guests. When the beds are not in use, you’ll have a stylish couch and oversized chair for comfortable seating. When the beds are pulled out, you’ll have comfortable sleeping space for everyone. You can also add this single sofa bed to a child’s room to use when guests are spending the night.

Any combination of these sofas can be used in any room of your house suitable for sleeping space. The different sizes and fabric options ensure you can find a match for both the space and the décor.

Other space saving sofa bed options in our catalog include the Cloud modern queen sofa bed sleeper and The Tilt sofa bed with tufted upholstery. Both are stylish sofas in their own right, but they also fold out to offer a comfortable sleeping space. The Tilt sofa bed and Harmony sofa bed both have reclining seat backs so that sitting is just as comfortable as sleeping on these modern sofa beds.

Expand Furniture has a reputation for offering some of the highest quality space-saving furniture, including our fashionable sofa beds. High quality fabrics, wood and other materials are used in their construction, and great attention is paid to detail to produce superior workmanship. Buying a sofa bed from Expand Furniture is a wise investment that will last you many decades to come while also ensuring you always have comfortable bedding and an uncluttered space. Explore our sofa bed selection to find the perfect match for your modern.