Space Savers Guide

Space savers are essential for expanding your living area. Wall beds from MurphySofa are designed to fold perfectly over a couch, fit North American queen sized beds, and balance perfectly. We have an Italian line of wall beds that are sleek and compact, ultra light aluminum and European sizing means these will fit in smaller spaces. Transforming console tables change into dining and conference tables. From a low rise coffee table that converts into a dining table to a wall bed desk model, we provide a plethora of options that will create space in your home. Use smart furniture to give a room in your home a whole new function. Offices and living rooms can now become guest rooms and dining rooms within seconds. Or add another room to your home with a modular micro loft system. Whether you are an entertainer who hosts dinner parties and needs transformational dining space or use a coffee table to dining table every day, this space saving furniture will make your living area better. Have a look at our quick space saver guide below.

Coffee to dining table: These are convertible coffee tables that will change into a dining table. Ideal if you have a decent living room size but only a small dining area. In this case you can eliminate having a permanent table in your dining area and simply bring out your coffee to dining table only when needed. Larger convertible coffee tables provide a quick option to add up 10 extra guest seats. Consider you can also use a coffee to dining table as an additional table when hosting a big dinner. Many of these tables are lift adjustable allowing you to use them as a lap height coffee table for convenient working or snacking while on your sofa.

Modular Sofas: The concept is simple but so important. If your sofa is built with modules you can adapt the size to suit your space but also insure your sofa will fit a future space. If you move and your apartment is larger add a module to make it a wider sofa. Or add on an ottoman to a corner piece to make it a chaise lounge. If your living space goes from a rectangle to a square change the shape of your sofa from a wide sofa to a corner sofa.

Modern Modular Wall Shelving: Vertical storage is essential for space saving and having the added bonus of being modular can give you ease of mind if you want to change your designs or if you move. This unique and modern shelving system has rounded corners, is lightweight and super strong. It connects together intuitively as well as being highly adaptable.

Console to dining table: Console tables that extend or expand out into larger dining tables are excellent hidden options. You can hide one of these against most walls in a home and they take up very little space. They look unobtrusive and classy as a console and provide anywhere from 2-14 extra seats depending on design. Some consoles also can act as small permanent tables which can extend.

Hidden Bed options: Wall beds over sofa are great options to open up your space and add a room to your home. You can turn your living room into a convertible bedroom or open your guest bedroom room into media room, reading area or gym. Wall bed desks convert your office into a bedroom, adding a full bedroom option to your home. Use a horizontal or side folding bed if you have a narrow room. The Italian beds are slightly shorter if you have a lower ceiling height. The MurphySofa lines uses North American sized queen mattresses to replicate the comfort you are accustomed to. Murphy Bunk beds are great compact options for guests that are very minimalistic. Cabinet beds double as TV media stands, are more compact than a typical wall bed and are a great value option.

Hidden Chair options: Folding chairs are typically the best choice when it comes to space saving seating. They fold thin and can hang in cupboards flat against the wall while taking up very little room. Flexible love chairs are also solid options with massive seating capability.

Skinny TV Stands

Skinny TV Stands: Finally TV and Entertainment stands that are not bulky space wasters. These slimline skinny stands are just deep enough for your modern electronics and thin TV with rounded corners. Like the rest of the modular series these TV stands can be built smaller or bigger to suit your space.

Dining Sets

Dining Sets: A combination of our tables and hidden chairs bundled together to save you money. These space saving dining sets match in color tones and maximize your tables expansion capabilities by providing you with enough chairs.

Small Space Modular Storage

Small Space Modular Storage: Adaptable designs made for small space saving. These bookshelves, bookcases and storage cubes can be used in a variety of places in your home and can be adapted to fit small spaces or big. Future proofed with the ability to expand or contract your design to fit your living situation.

Micro Loft DIY systems

Loft Bed DIY Options: If you have vertical space in your home utilize a do it yourself kit and build up. The platforms are easy to build and are height and width adjustable so you can easily build your space without having to hire a contractor and spend a fortune.

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