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Sophisticated Space Saving Furniture for Your Atlanta Home

Atlanta is the home of many powerful and stylish people. Homes aren’t simple residences — they are showpieces. Even if you aren’t one of Atlanta’s elite, you can still feel that way by creating stunning interior design that will make your home seem like it came out of the pages of a top home decor magazine. You don’t have to hire a designer to the stars to get the look; you just need to know where to shop.

At Expand Furniture, we sell a variety of high-end, designer pieces that will create a unique and sophisticated look for your home. At the same time, our furniture does double duty by helping you to save space, allowing you to maximize your space and to streamline the decor.

When you think “space saving furniture,” you might think of your granny’s pull-out sofa. You will be pleasantly surprised at the space saving options Expand Furniture has to offer. Each piece can be considered a work of art.

Space Saving Chairs in Atlanta

Take our folding space saving chairs, for example. At first glance, they look like normal, albeit stylish, chairs. Yet when you need more, you can pull the chair apart just like an accordion, creating a seat that can fit up to 12 people. The chair can bend and turn, creating a bench around a table or just creating a unique seating design. Your seating alone can be both unique design and interesting conversation piece.

You don’t have to invest in designer pieces to get the functionality you need though. Our simple folding chairs from our Nano and Pendulum lines are strong, comfortable and stylish — everything you need in a seating option. Their real wood and steel construction ensures that they are sturdy and have a high-quality appearance, not like the plastic fold-up chairs you’d find at a local home-goods store.

Atlanta Space Saving Tables

When you’re entertaining guests, you’ll need more than good seating. Yet you may not want to host a formal dining table all year long when you only need it for dinner parties and holidays. You can use one of our transforming tables to accommodate your daily dining and party needs. The table will transform from a simple desk or console into a dining table that can seat up to 12 people. Just like the chair, you can pull the two sides of the table apart then insert leaves to create the larger table.

Learn how our Italian wall bed can help transform your Atlanta home!

Horizontal Italian Wall Bed Desk

Atlanta Space Saving Beds

For bedroom and office spaces, our DIY loft bed kits can help you introduce levels to take advantage of vertical space and create visual appeal. The kit creates a platform on which you can mount your bed or a small desk. You can create a cozy hideaway for your bedroom, leaving a study space below, or you can create additional room for study or storage up top with your bed below. The options are limitless, and with DIY loft bed kits, you can customize the design to your tastes.

We have a large selection of space-saving beds that can help you achieve any look you want while also helping you to create what you want for any space. For example, a simple storage bed gives you more room for storage to reduce clutter in the room. Yet a luxury European wall bed can help you create a multi-purpose space, including an entertaining area or a study area. Our revolving Italian wall bed stores a hidden library by night and a hidden bed by day. Our selection includes beds made of the highest-quality materials and selling for some of the lowest prices on the market.

You don’t have to live in an Atlanta mansion to create the look of luxury. The space saving furniture at Expand Furniture can help you create a designer look that also makes your home more comfortable and inviting for family and guests. Explore our catalog to find the designer pieces you’ll love.

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