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Texas is known for its cattle ranch design aesthetic. Yet not everyone wants a home on the range. Dallas is a big city, and you can create a gorgeous, big city design for your home that could rival homes you would find in places like New York or Los Angeles. All you need is the right interior decor.

Expand Furniture sells the beautiful pieces you need to create a sophisticated look for your Dallas home. Not only does our furniture look like it came out of a designer’s sketch book, but it also helps to make your home more comfortable and functional.

Get more siting area with our flexible Dallas chair!

Flexible Love 16 Seat

Extending Chair

Dallas Space Saving Chairs

A chair is not a simple chair. At Expand Furniture, we sell folding space saving chairs that transform from a single seat to a unique piece that can seat up to 12 people. The chair looks sleek and modern on its own, but when you pull it out to create the unique bench, it becomes an art piece. Forget about straight, plain benches. You can create circles, waves, and turns. You’ll be able to accommodate last-minute and unexpected guests with no problems.

You don’t need a designer piece to get the seating you need. Our folding chairs offer higher quality than the typical plastic chairs you would get from a party planner or home retailer, and they maintain a high level of design. Our stylish folding chairs are made of the highest-quality materials so that they are strong and sturdy, yet they are also comfortable.

Dallas Extending Tables

Pair your transforming chair with a transforming table. You can convert a simple desk or console table into a formal dining table that can seat 12 people. Like folding space saving chairs, you pull transforming coffee tables apart to expand them. You then insert leaves to create the dining surface you need. The sleek design will look right at home in any modern space, but the table will also meet the needs of any sized space.

Dallas Space Saving Beds

For bedrooms or office space, you can use one of our wall beds or DIY loft bed kits. With a loft bed kit, you can create additional vertical space that will also create a cool, loft area. You can sit up there to sip an espresso while you tuck into a good book, or you can create a cozy sleeping area on the loft while opening up the space below for study or entertaining.

Of course, you can create multi-functionality in even the smallest of spaces with one of our storage beds or European wall beds. A freestanding cabinet bed gives you room under the mattress for storage so you can expand your cabinet space or de-clutter your room. Yet a luxury European wall bed allows you to fold up the mattress and use that space for entertaining or home study with the attached couch or desk.

You can take the design to the next level with a rotating Italian wall bed, which allows you to flip the mattress to reveal your home library. This luxury piece will create a unique look for your room and maximize the space.

With Expand Furniture, you have your choice of designer furniture that will help you create beautiful decor while also making the most of your space. Whether you invest in transforming tables, folding space saving chairs or DIY loft bed kits, you’ll create a unique look for any room in your home. You’ll impress your guests and make your home more cozy for your family. Explore our catalog to find the perfect pieces for your Dallas home.

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