Mexico Multifunctional Furniture

In Mexico, we are looking for multifunctional furniture that allows us to make the most of the space we have. City life in Mexico can sometimes feel crowded, yet the bigger the city, the more costly the apartment. Whether you’re living space is tiny or spacious, why not have furniture that performs more than one function, like wall beds or space saving tables?

Our wall beds are a triumph in engineering. In Mexico, one of our most popular pieces is the Murphy Bed over Sofa Combination. Wisdom tells you that you won’t use your living room while you are sleeping and you won’t need a bed while you’re awake. So why purchase several furniture pieces when you can purchase only one?

Space-Saving Beds in Mexico

One of the things that sets our wall beds apart from others is the ease of use. Weighted piston components keep the bed in place and make transforming a breeze. By day it’s a contemporary styled sofa with an attractive floating shelf on the wall behind it. By night, you simply remove the two back cushions of the couch and flip the bed down off the wall. One of the most amazing features is that the shelf stays horizontal and level the entire time, eliminating the need to remove items before pulling down the bed.

Our most uniquely designed wall bed is our Revolving Bookcase Wall Bed that includes a table. By day the table folds down from a roomy shelving unit. You can choose to use this table for dining and display dishes on the shelves, or use the table as a desk and the shelves can hold books and office supplies. When evening comes simply fold the table back up against the shelves and turn the entire unit around like a lazy susan to reveal the bed. Everything on the shelves remains perfectly in place, ready for use tomorrow. Conveniently, our Murphy Beds require no furniture moving in order to transform.

Mexico Space Saving Tables

Other popular pieces include our space saving tables and chairs. Some of these tables appear to be a slim console table or desk, but with the addition of leaflets can be transformed into a large table for family dining. Our Junior Giant table comes with four leaflets and can be transformed to seat up to ten people while our Tiny Titan transforming table includes five leaflets that allow it to seat up to fourteen. Both tables are available with our pendulum folding chairs, which are extra slim for easy storage.

Mexico Space Saving Sofas

One of the largest pieces of furniture in your home is the sofa. It takes up a vast majority of your living space, and there sometimes isn’t much room for anything else. That’s why Expand Furniture offers the highest quality selection of space saving sofas for your small home living in Mexico. Fill your space with gorgeous, expertly crafted furniture that is multi-functional for your every need.

Choose from modular sofas and sectional sofas to top of the line sleeper sofas and sofa beds to make the most out of your small apartment or home. Our expertly crafted space saving sofas are made with quality materials and built with precision and comfort in mind. Find the right space saving sofa for your small apartment living with Expand Furniture.

One of our most versatile tables is the Box Coffee to Dining Table. This table, not only adjusts in length, but also in height. It comes with three leaflets that stay concealed inside until needed. It can serve as a low-profile coffee table at only 11 inches high, yet can be raised to 30 inches for use as a family dining table.

At Expand Furniture we engineer multifunctional furniture to meet the needs of people who want more space, not more furniture.

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    MX Transformable Furniture

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    You can find gorgeous, multi-functional transforming furniture to fit all of your small apartment needs in Mexico. Choose from any number of our finely crafted pieces to incorporate into your home and maximize the space of your small apartment living.

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    Mexico City Space Saving Furniture

    We can deliver space saving furniture to Mexico City with rapid express transport by air.  Transforming Tables  in Mexico City to your home in 1-2 weeks.

    Monterrey Transformable Furniture

    We can deliver space saving furniture to Monterrey City with rapid express transport by air.  Transforming Tables  in Monterrey City to your home in 1-2 weeks.

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    We can deliver space saving furniture to Guadalajara City with rapid express transport by air.  Transforming Tables  in Guadalajara City to your home in 1-2 weeks.

    Puebla Transforming Furniture

    Puebla transforming tables. Yes we can deliver furniture throughout Mexico. Please contact for order inquiry.