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MurphySofa – Float


MurphySofa Float Clean grey sofa with white gloss wall bed and shelf on front open in bed form
MurphySofa float dimensions multiple sofa models
MurphySofa Float Sofa choices

MurphySofa – Float


Love seat sofa wall bed with floating shelf. A beautiful center piece in any home that is sure to impress. The floating bookshelf  is aesthetically pleasing, while at the same time conceals the love seat sofa wall bed. The floating shelf remains horizontal when lowering the bed or putting it away, so you do not have to remove any books, plants, photos etc. The wall bed folds over the couch which does not need to be moved. Pairs with a variety of sofa styles like the Clean and Minima, which have storage built beneath the seating. Clever gas mechanism makes the transition from lounge to bedroom effortless, with a balanced weighting for easy lifting and lowering. You can even leave a Transforming Evolved table beneath the open bed.  Stocked in Glossy white for quick ship with a variety of sofa options. 

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The MurphySofa Float unit by Expand Furniture puts style as a top priority with a beautifully balanced floating shelf which stays perfectly horizontal at any level. Feel free to leave belongings on the shelf as the room transforms from a lounge to a bedroom by a hidden wall bed, and the floating shelf becomes the base of the bed when lowered into sleeping position. Wooden slats make for a more comfortable sleep, and allow aeration of your mattress which can be up to 10 inches thick and still fit your bedding when your unit is closed. Mattress not included. Recommended mattress size: 8 inches (lots of room for bedding) Maximum 10 inches. There is a minimum weight requirement of 66 lbs for the mattress if you are using your own. Check out the Leggenda 8 inch. Pairs with the sofa of your choice – scroll down to see options and details. Pairs with the Transforming Evolved Coffee Table (slim enough to fit between the shelf and sofa).

MurphySofa float dimensions multiple sofa models

Basic Measurements of MurphySofa Wall bed:
Width: 67 inches,
Height: 91.8 inches
Depth of Murphy: 15.75 inches
Depth of Murphy when open: 84.5 inches
Floating shelf depth off wall bed = 7 inches. Rests 57″ high
*If you are planning on building cabinetry around this wall bed unit we highly recommend installing the wall bed first and then building around it afterwards – and not the other way around.

Table compatibility: This is not compatible with coffee tables, except the Transforming Evolved Table which is designed to work with this system and fits between the floating shelf and the sofa area.

Compatible shelving: Glossy White
60cm Shallow depth open shelf
60cm Shallow depth Coat/Clothing Cupboard
100cm Shallow depth Coat/Clothing Cupboard

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Fully insured for safe delivery. Delivered by Freight for safety. Allow 2-4 weeks for in-stock orders.
Custom orders available for ~20 week delivery time. We do not accept returns on wall bed systems.

Assembly Required
This MurphySofa requires assembly, approximately 5 hrs with 2 people. We provide Skype and phone assistance as well as manuals and video guides.

Wall Mounting Required
Homes have different wall structures and it is important to get the correct anchors for your specific wall. For this safety reason, while most hardware is included in the packing, we do require that you purchase your own wall anchors. After you determine your wall type (Drywall, Brick, Concrete, Wood etc) we can advise you on anchors or you can talk to your local hardware store or have your installer advise.

Extended 5 year warranty on mechanics. The system is built to last with a solid metal bed frame and pistons rated for every day use.

Mattress compatibility:
Mattress not included. You can test out a mattress that suits your comfort level and lifestyle, provided it meets the minimum weight and is under maximum thickness. Designed for a North American Queen Size up to a maximum of 10 inches in thickness and with a minimum weight of 66 lbs. Consider a less thick mattress that will leave more room for bedding. If you exceed 92 lbs in weight the system will take more effort to lift. It is compatible and weighted well for the Magniflex series of mattresses. Receive $500 discount on the MurphySofa when you purchase it at the same time as the Magniflex. Inquire for details

Floating shelf: 
The system is strong and will easily handle books, plants and other decorative items. However there are some considerations to think of: adding heavy items to the shelf will require a bit more effort to lift up the bed. While the shelf is balanced, unstable items might slip with movement. When lowered, the items remaining on the shelf need to be under 15 inches tall.

Finishes and Pairings
Stocked quick ship units come in White Gloss exterior panels with flat white interior. Custom orders available with ~20 week lead time, please email us for details. Pair with stocked sofa choice below:
MurphySofa Float Sofa choices

Clean Sofa – with seat lift up storage: Width: 78 inches or 198 cm, Depth: 31.5 inches or 80 cm, Internal storage of 5″ in height x 28 inches in depth. Stocked with Queens Grey 100% polyester. To change the color choice now or in the future, you can order Replacement covers here.

Stratus Sofa – Modular: Width 80.4 inches, Depth: 31.5 inches, No storage, Fabric: Sky Grey 100% polyester. Modular expansion possible.  Click for details here

Migliore Sofa – Modular: Width 80.4 inches, Depth: 31.5 inches, No storage. Modular expansion possible. Finish: Click for details Leather Brown-Tan Terracotta Finish or Navy Blue

Adagio Sofa – Goose Feather: Width: 82 inches, Depth: 31.5 inches, No storage, Modular expansion possible. Finish: Elephant grey 100% polyester. Details here

Minima Sofa – with lift up storage and ottoman with lift up storage. Width: 81.5 inches or 207 cm, Depth: 33.5 inches or 85 cm. Ottoman: 22 x 36.5
Storage inside. Finished in PU eco synthetic leather: Click for details here

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Wall Bed Color

Sofa Choice

Adagio Goose Feather, Clean Grey, Migliore Leather, Migliore Navy, Minima Pu Taupe, Stratus Sofa


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