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Space Saving Furniture in Washington, D.C.

Smart interior design combines both form and function. You don’t want just a table where you can eat. A simple wooden board and a couple of crates would be enough for that. You want a stylish piece that will be the focal point of the room and make your dining area look more sophisticated. The same is true of every piece in your home.
Expand Furniture sells stylish, space saving furniture that can help set your Washington, D.C. home apart. You will impress your guests when you entertain, and you’ll also create a comfortable and inviting space for your family.

Among our many space saving furniture options are transforming tables, convertible chairs and DIY loft bed kits.

Our lift top living room table can add extra storage space to your DC home!

Occam Coffee Table With Lift Top

Washington Transforming Tables

Transforming tables are a great option for entertaining. You only need a small table for your everyday family dinners, but when you invite guests, you want a larger and more inviting space. You can set up a formal dining room that only gets used about a half dozen times a year, or you can use that space for something more practical, like a home office. A transforming coffee table can expand to seat up to 10 to 12 people with optional leaves. The rest of the time, it can be used as a smaller dining table, a simple desk or even a console.

Folding space saving chairs work in much the same way. The chair looks like a simple chair for one, but it pulls out like an accordion to create a flexible bench. You can curve the chair to wrap around tables, walls, and more. You can even create deco-style shapes with the chair. Folding space saving chairs are true conversation pieces. Your guests will be impressed by the style, which is unlike anything they’ve seen.

We also carry basic folding chairs that are of a much higher quality than what you would find in your local big box retailer. Our Nano and Pendulum folding chairs are both stylish and sturdy, featuring a sleek design and made of real wood and steel. You can use them to create additional seating for formal dinners or cocktail parties, and they will look right at home amongst your other furniture. You and your guests will be amazed at how sturdy and comfortable these chairs are.

Washington Space Saving Beds

Loft bed kits help you to create levels within a room for more visual interest and greater use of the space. The kits create a platform on which you can place a bed or even a small office space. You can then use the area below for seating or study. DIY loft bed kits give you the option to customize the look so you can create the design you want.

We also carry space saving beds that range from the simple cabinet beds with storage below or the more sophisticated wall beds. Our wall beds feature luxury options like sofas and desks that are revealed when you lift the wall against the bed, and they can be outfitted with shelves, special molding and other accessories to enhance their design and their expand their storage solutions. Our revolving Italian wall bed includes an entire hidden library, and it is one of the most affordable models on the market.

Space saving furniture isn’t just functional. With the right space saving furniture, you can create sophisticated interior design that will be worthy of any home decor magazine. Check out the selection at Expand Furniture for your Washington, D.C. loft or home. In a city that values appearances the way it does, you can create a look that others will envy.

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