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Space Saving Multifunctional Furniture For Sale In Austin

Expand Furniture is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of high quality transformable furniture. When you live in a small space, you deserve multifunctional furniture that allows you to maximize the space you have and make it fully functional for the life you want to live. From Murphy beds and sofas, to space saving chairs and coffee to dining tables, there is a product for everyone here at Expand Furniture! Visit today to view our Austin space saving furniture!

Top Rated Austin Space Saving Furniture

Save Much Needed Space In Your Austin Home

About Our Home Furniture Company Serving Austin

At Expand Furniture, you will find convertible furniture designed to revolutionize the way you think about modern living. We know that apartment designs have trended toward smaller square footage, so we provide a wide range of double duty furniture in a variety of styles. Most of our products are always in stock and come straight to your door already assembled.

Austin Storage Shelves And Organizers

Providing Quality Space Saving Furniture In Austin, TX

When you visit Expand Furniture to browse our selection of expandable furniture in Austin, we trust you will find the perfect piece to take home. Compact furniture for small spaces and double duty pieces that allow you to utilize a room in multiple ways is essential, and can make all the difference in you loving or hating your home. At Expand Furniture, we have the best selection of specialty hidden beds, expandable sofas, coffee to dining tables, space saving chairs, extendable conference tables, and so much more! With rapid customer service and comprehensive warranties on all our pieces, Expand Furniture has worked diligently to make sure our customers are fully satisfied with their experience from start to finish. Each piece will ship right to your doorstep, often fully assembled, for easy blending with your home.

Cupboard And closet Storage

Cupboard And Closet Shelving & Storage

Floating Wall Shelves

Elegant Wall Shelves & Floating Shelves


Bookshelves And Desktop Shelves

Our Clients' Reviews

Five-Star Rated Furniture Store Serving Austin

“Great store. The wall bed looks great and is very comfortable. It fits great in my apartment and makes the room so much more functional. Super impressive service.”

Gavin M. – Toronto ★★★★★

“Really love my couch. So many different configurations I love to move my living room around. Super comfy too. really good purchase.”

Tiffany S. –
Victoria ★★★★★

“Expand Furniture is awesome! Adam answered all of my questions and helped me pick the best table to fit my needs. I ended up purchasing the Lifting Coffee Table and am very happy with it. Delivery was quick and convenient.”

Erin V. – Vancouver★★★★★

Space Saving Furniture With Modern Designs In Austin

Transform Your Austin Home With Space Saving Alternatives

Austin Space Saving Tables

When you live in a large city, you pay top dollar for a small living space, which means there is little budget leftover to buy anything but the essentials. With a top rated space saving table in Austin at Expand Furniture, you can get the most out of your investment by choosing a table that transforms into whatever you need at the time. Whether you need storage space, a desk, a table for two, or a table for ten, we can help you find one single piece that fits the bill.

Space Saving Tables For Sale

Austin Hidden Wall Beds

Hidden Wall Beds

Add a whole new room to your home through multi functional furniture design with a space saving wall bed in Austin. We have a variety of styles available from sofa Murphy beds and desk wall beds, to free standing Murphy beds with storage and modern sofa beds. Simply fold down the bed for sleeping, and tuck it back into the wall in the morning to make room for your brunch with friends. Whether you choose one of our base models or customize your own piece, we have something for you at Expand Furniture!

Austin Space Saving Sofas

At Expand Furniture, we carry some of the best modular sofas and sofa beds you will find anywhere. Each piece is high quality and built to last, while bringing functionality to your apartment home. Our space saving sofas in Austin are adaptable and can be scaled in size to fit your place, or split apart to be used in different areas throughout your home. Seat one person or seat eight with our incredible, innovative modular sofas! Browse our inventory online and enjoy fast shipping straight to your door, along with comprehensive warranties and rapid service.

Space Saving Sofas with hidden storage

Austin Space Saving Chairs

Shop transformable, space saving chairs in Austin at Expand Furniture! Our options are varied, with different styles and designs to consider. Choose from incredibly thin folding chairs that pack away small when not needed. Or, consider a flexible expanding seat that fits anywhere from 1-10 people at a time. Whatever you need to make your space more functional and guest-friendly, Expand Furniture delivers with rapid service, comprehensive warranties, and fully assembled pieces. Visit our warehouse in Austin today, or start browsing our inventory online from the comfort of your own home!

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    When investing in a piece of furniture, functionality and quality should be the top priorities. You want to be certain it will last and hold up to your lifestyle, without overwhelming your budget in the purchase process. Whether you need a table, chairs, sofa, or bed, Expand Furniture carries countless five-star ratings and reviews from customers who are satisfied with their purchases and experience with our service team.

    Each piece of transformable furniture in Austin at Expand Furniture is crafted with superior quality, unique design, and the perfect blend of modernity and comfort. Check out our large selection of furniture today to find the perfect solution for your space!

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