Beat the Fads: Furniture Trends that Will Never Die

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Chevron was really in a few years ago, but if you see it now, you’re likely to roll your eyes or look past it in disinterest. Go back a little farther and lava lamps were all the rage. See one now and you’re likely to groan out loud. Trends in home décor don’t always last the test of time. In fact, they usually don’t.

It’s much better to stick to the timeless design choices that will make your home look great year after year. You can always build the trends around the base, such as adding a few chevron throw pillows to your couch or putting a lava lamp on a side table. When the trends fall out of favor, as they are destined to do, you can discreetly remove them without making a big impact on your overall design.

Here’s a look at some of the furniture trends we think will never die. You can confidently redecorate your home with these design choices:

A White Kitchen

kitchen dining tables White kitchens are on trend right now, but you can look at home décor through the ages and find white kitchens in just about any era. Primarily, that means having white kitchen cabinets that can provide a neutral base. You can have a sterling silver refrigerator with white cabinets, or you can have a turquoise fridge. Both would look just as great, changing the design from something sophisticated and modern to kitch and retro.

White kitchens also do well with white dinette sets and white shelves. You can invest in a transforming table that can be used in the kitchen when it’s just you and your immediate family or that can be moved to the dining room and expand to accommodate guests, such as during the holidays.

Black and White Color Scheme

white and black furniture Forget about what the hot colors are for the year – just go with a classic black and white color scheme and you won’t go wrong. The color scheme can look modern in any era, and you will find no shortage of stylish furniture and décor in these colors. You can also dress this color scheme up or down with your accessories, putting pops of color where you want them. For example, you can make a girl’s room look more feminine by adding pink pillows and bedding, or you can make a living room look more sophisticated by adding silver candlesticks, frames, and other art.

Choose base pieces in solid white or solid black, or choose a simple pattern, such as stripes or paisley.

Calming Bedrooms

wall bed for my small bedroom Your bedroom should be an oasis in your home. You should be able to retreat to it when you are feeling overwhelmed or when you want space to yourself. The only thing that remains on trend for bedrooms is to honor this purpose and make them a calming space. Forget about other trends that may be popular for the rest of the house – it’s still in style to make your room a respite away from it all.

calming bedroom What this means in terms of style is that you have free reign. If you feel your most calmed when you have a simple, minimalist bed, then that’s what you should choose. If you feel your most calmed when you have a frilly, ornate canopy, then that’s what you should choose. Getting rid of clutter is also important for creating a calming space, and multi-functional furniture like a storage bed or a Murphy wall bed can help to reduce clutter in your room.


multi function furniture Your furniture doesn’t have to do just one job. The right furniture can serve multiple purposes so that you can get more out of your space and save money at the same time. For example, you can put a sofa bed in your guest room so that you can use the space to accommodate guests when they’re in town but also use the room for a home office or study when you don’t have guests.

This type of furniture has always been in style, but today’s designs are more sophisticated and stylish than ever. For example, today’s sofa beds are sleek and chic, and they have comfortable memory foam mattresses that easily fold out.

If you are thinking of restyling your home, you don’t need to look at all the latest trends or try to keep up with the Joneses. You just need to think of these classic design choices that never go out of style and pair them with your own style preferences.

Expand Furniture offers stylish multi-functional furniture that can help you achieve many of these classic design choices. Our minimalist furniture comes in basic shades like white, black, and grey, and it can be paired with a variety of pieces from different styles. All our furniture is designed to be multi-functional so that you can get more from your space and create a clutter-free and calming zone. Check out our online catalog to learn more.

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