How to Make Fall Cleaning a “Thing” with Space Saving Furniture

fall cleaning

Everyone has heard of spring cleaning. It’s the time that you’re supposed to pull out all your furniture and clean out all the dust and other nastiness that has accumulated there over a year of not cleaning under your dresser or behind your bookcases. It’s the time that you’re supposed to clean out your cabinets, toss out all those clothes you don’t wear anymore and actually clean your baseboards.

But why wait a whole year to do that kind of cleaning? Part of the reason it’s such an event is because there is so much to clean after a year has passed. If you added fall cleaning to your routine, the whole ordeal would be a lot less tedious. Another way that you can make fall or spring cleaning a bit easier is to use space saving furniture in your home. Here’s how you can start making fall cleaning a real thing by using space saving furniture:

Consolidate Your Furniture

Furniture itself takes up quite a bit of floor space in your home. It creates a lot of clutter and limits what you can do in your own home. You can reduce the space your furniture occupies by using transforming furniture. Some popular options include coffee tables that expand to become dining tables or wall beds that fold up to become shelves or a desk.

If you buy space saving furniture, you can replace two pieces with just one, helping you to save a lot of room. The more furniture you do that with, the more space you can save.

Clean Out Closets

Closets become dumping zones for all the things we aren’t using at the moment but then forget we even have over time. We tend to pack closets so tightly that it becomes dangerous to even open the door at some point. You can clean out your closets and get more organized by buying space saving furniture. For example, a wall bed includes shelving for books and other items, and storage tables contain secret compartments for media like CDs and DVDs.

By storing more of your personal items in this furniture, you can create a more orderly area in your closets and you can find things more quickly.

Make It Easier to Clean

When your home and floor space is not cluttered with furniture and other personal items, you can more easily clean the area. You’ll be able to get into all the nooks and crannies in your closets or around the corners of the room. You won’t have as much furniture to move out of the way to clean floors and walls. The whole process will go much more quickly, making you more eager to do it each year.

Expand Furniture - What we do. Smarter wall beds and tables

Expand Furniture has the space saving furniture solutions you need to de-clutter your home and make cleaning a snap. We carry everything from transforming tables to wall beds, helping you to make the most of the space in every room in your home. With our furniture, fall cleaning can really become a “thing.”

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