Now You See It, Now You Don’t! Furniture that Disappears

Furniture that disappears
Ever notice how small your home looks after you actually move into it? When you view it without furniture, it looks downright expansive. Then you add big, bulky pieces like a bed and a couple of sofas, and your house starts to look tiny.

You can’t get rid of the furniture, so do you just have to resign yourself to a smaller space? The answer is a resounding no. You just need to get the right furniture to help you maximize your space. Here are a few pieces of transforming furniture that will seem to disappear, helping you to get more out of your home without adding more furniture:

Expanding coffee to  dining table

Space-Saving Tables

You don’t need a formal dining table when it’s just you and maybe your partner eating meals each day. But it’s nice to have a dining table for when you want to have company over or you are celebrating the holidays with family. Space-saving tables can give you a dining table without taking up too much space.

A popular option is a coffee table that lifts to a dining table. The table top can lift up to create a dining area for two to four, or you can get a table that pulls out to seat eight to 10. Several options are available to meet your needs.

Wall Bed

Wallbeds create floor space

Instantly clear the floor space in your bedroom with a wall bed. When you are not sleeping, you simply lift the mattress and push it against the wall. The mattress may be tucked into a cabinet, or it can be part of a unit that includes a sofa, desk, or shelves. A bookcase Murphy bed is flanked by shelves and can have a desk or sofa appear under the mattress.

You can use a wall bed in your bedroom or in any other room of the house where you want to have space for guests but don’t have the space for a dedicated guest room.

Storage Beds

A storage bed may not disappear, but it will help you maximize space in the room. You can remove clutter by storing items under the mattress. A hydraulic platform makes it easy for you to lift the mattress and access the compartment below whenever you need the items stored there.

expanding seating solutions

Transforming Chairs

The same way that a transforming table can pull out to create a larger surface, transforming chairs can stretch out to create a bench. Think of them like accordions that can stretch or squeeze as needed. The chairs are sturdy, and they take up the minimum amount of space when closed.

Expand Furniture has all these transforming furniture options, including the bookcase Murphy bed and space-saving tables. Our furniture not only helps you to save space, but it also helps you to create stylish decor for your home. For example, a bookcase Murphy bed has a built-in look that is sophisticated and luxurious. Your guests will also be amazed at the design of space-saving tables and transforming furniture like chairs that turn into benches. You’ll get practical pieces that are also conversation starters. Contact us via email or call us to learn more about our products and living solutions.

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