Understanding The Different Types Of Hardware That Are Needed For Great Murphy Wall Bed

Understanding The Different Types Of Hardware That Are Needed For Great Murphy Wall Bed

When you’re installing a wall bed in your home or apartment, choosing the right hardware is essential for optimal performance. There are three main types of mechanisms that can be used on your wall bed. Your Murphy bed shop can help you determine which type of hardware may be best for your needs.

Murphy Wall Bed

Maximize Comfort & Safety With The Spring Lift Mechanism For Wall Beds

Spring lift wall bed mechanisms are used in many different places, including homes, hospitals, military bases, hotels, police stations, firehouses, and other commercial applications. These mechanisms can hold up to 2000 lbs, which means they can safely and easily manage virtually any load without a problem. Spring lift mechanisms are designed for everyday use and need as little as 5 lbs of lift to be folded into the wall.

Spring lift mechanisms offer incredible adjustability. If you have a heavier mattress or anticipate more weight on the bed, you can set it up with additional springs. For lighter-weight uses, some springs can be removed to create a custom life that is perfect for you and your Murphy bed.

One of the most popular advantages of spring lift mechanisms is that it is at rest when the bed is up, which means you won’t have to worry about children or pets nearby or wonder if the bed will fall.

Discover The Durability & Ease Of Piston Lift Mechanisms For Murphy Beds

Although these types of mechanisms often conjure images of a minivan trunk that wasn’t strong enough to stay open, the piston lifts that are used in modern Murphy beds are strong, durable, and easy to operate.

Piston lift mechanisms in quality Murphy beds are extremely quiet and counterbalance the weight of the bed for extreme strength and safety. You might be surprised to learn that these piston systems are rated to safely hold hundreds or thousands of pounds! Commercially rated but lightweight and easy to use every day, piston lift mechanisms are a great option when you want something reliable or frequent use, such as in a timeshare, hotel, guest room, or children’s room. Piston lift systems only function when multiple safety features have been met, making them a smart choice for children’s rooms and other places where unsupervised or untrained users will be operating them.

The Simplicity & Strength Of Murphy Bed Frames: An Ideal Solution

Among the most simple and yet easiest hardware solutions for a wall bed is a Murphy bed frame. This is simply a metal Murphy bed frame that can be used almost anywhere. Online expandible furniture shops often utilize the strong, reliable Murphy bed frame for a variety of uses, including beds that fold into a cabinet, sofa beds, bookcase beds, and other Murphy configurations. This type of hardware mechanism does not require any special cabinetry, bracing, or support to function properly. It’s also easy to assemble and among the easiest bed frames to source, meaning you won’t have to wait to get it shipped and put together.

In addition to being fast and easy to install, the Murphy bed frame is crafted out of tubular steel, giving it intense strength and durability no matter what type of bed you’re using or where you have your Murphy bed installed.

Which Murphy Wall Bed Mechanism Is Best For Me?

Each type of mechanism that is commonly installed with a wall bed offers its benefits and no one model is best for everyone. Talk with your expandable furniture distributor about which type of mechanism might be right for you. The best choice will depend on where you’ll be installing the wall bed, who will be using it, how often you’ll be using the wall bed, the size of the mattress, and other factors.

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