3 Apartment-Friendly Desk Beds with Modern Style

3 Apartment-Friendly Desk Beds with Modern Style

Living in an apartment often means that you sacrifice a little bit of space. Either you don’t have the number of rooms you want or you don’t have the square footage. But you don’t have to give up your stylish apartment to get more space — you just need to get the right furniture.

A desk bed is the perfect solution for making double use of a room. With a Murphy desk bed, you can use a room for a home office space as well as a guest room. Or you can use your studio bedroom as a study space during the day.

Here are three apartment-friendly desk beds with modern style to consider:

Freestanding Murphy Bed Desk

Apartment Friendly Freestanding Wall Bed Desk A Murphy bed folds against the wall when not in use. Just lift the mattress up, and it rests neatly inside a cabinet against the wall.

In most cases, your Murphy bed must be mounted to the wall in order to be stabilized. However, if you are renting your apartment, you may not want to attach this furniture and leave holes in the wall. The damage could end up costing you your deposit or a fine.

The Freestanding Murphy Bed Desk does not have to be mounted to the wall, so it can be used in any space. The frame includes metal braces that stabilize the bed. When the bed is not in use, the metal braces look like the legs of the desk. The desk top raises and lowers with the mattress.
With this bed, you can effortlessly switch between the bed and the desk. The mattress lifts easily, and you don’t have to do anything special to put the desk in place.

The design of the Freestanding Murphy Bed Desk is minimalist and modern. It has clean lines and a no-frills design. It has a smooth, glossy finish that fits in with any modern decor scheme.

Balanced Wall Bed Desk

Apartment Friendly Balanced MurphySofa Wall Bed Desk The Balanced MurphySofa Wall Bed Desk is similar to the freestanding model in design, but it has a few design changes.

Notably, this desk lowers down below the wall bed and balances perfectly horizontal. For example you can leave all your books and items on the table and just lower the bed down without having to clear items off. It makes the transition easy to change from bed to desk without having the inconvenience of clearing things off and having to put all the items back on. So if you are working on a drawing or project you can simply lower the bed if you are tired and pick it back up the next morning.

The cabinet has a glossy, white finish that is perfect for any modern decor. You can match it with any other room colors, and its streamlined design fits in with any modern aesthetic. If you want a different look, the bed also comes in a dark wood panel finish. This option might be better for those who prefer a more traditional look.

Italian Wall Bed with Revolving Bookcase

Apartment Friendly Revolving Wall Bed Desk This unique twist on the Murphy wall bed will have you feeling like you live in an Italian castle with a secret room.

When the bed is not in use, this unit looks like a bookcase with a desk attached to it at a perpendicular angle. However, you can then fold up the desk and pull out the bookcase to turn it and reveal a bed on the other side of it. The bed folds down just like the traditional Murphy bed, so you don’t have to worry about your books and other items on the shelves falling off.

This is one of the most interesting Murphy wall bed designs, and it will certainly get your guests talking when they see it. This Italian Wall Bed also helps you to make maximum use of the space for both sleeping and home study.

Expand Furniture sells all three of these beds and more, ensuring that you can find the perfect bed for your stylish apartment. We also sell a line of storage and expanding furniture, such as transforming tables, modular wall shelf units, and slim TV stands. You can find the perfect furniture solutions to get more out of your space while also creating stylish decor. Browse our online catalog to find the right Murphy wall bed or other space-saving furniture for your modern apartment.

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