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Top Rated Calgary Space Saving Multifunctional Furniture

Calgary is part of the growing Alberta metropolitan area, but it is a thriving city in its own right. The growing economy there – fueled by technology, finance, energy and film – ensure that it will only continue to grow. With all that growth, it’s going to become harder and harder to find an apartment that’s in your budget. You’ll likely have to settle for something that’s a little smaller but still affordable.

Top Rated Calgary Space Saving Multifunctional Furniture

Save Much Needed Space In Your Calgary Home

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The catalog at Expand Furniture includes a range of options for every room in your house. Our company serves customers throughout Calgary and the Alberta metropolitan area. All of our pieces are designed with big city living in mind. When you buy some of the transforming furniture from Expand Furniture, you will truly understand that it’s not actually the size that counts, but how it’s used. What comes in a tiny package can actually have a big impact on your space. Find out how our transforming furniture can help you makeover your home.

Calgary Space Saving Furniture

Like lots of large cities throughout the globe, Calgary has homes that are compact while not offering a lot of space. This can be a problem when trying to furnish your home. Most furniture is bulky and only has one function, forcing you to have a wide range of different furniture and clutter your already small apartment. By using the Calgary space saving furniture at Expand Furniture, you can make even the smallest space feel a little roomier. You may even be able to manage getting a smaller apartment, helping you to save even more money every month. With the best Calgary space saving furniture from Expand Furniture, you can add functionality and aesthetic appeal to your small apartment.

twin size murphy beds

Space-Saving Desk With Murphy Bed

Comfortable Space Saving Table For Sale

Comfortable Space Saving Dining Table

Elegant Hideaway Table And Chairs For Sale

Elegant Hideaway Table And Chairs

Space Saving Calgary Furniture With Modern Designs

Quality Space Saver Furniture In Calgary

Calgary Space Saving Tables

Expand Furniture offers a beautiful selection of space saving furniture for your home, including expanding tables that can help create a functional environment for your home. Our space saving furniture is built with style and functionality in mind. With a vast selection of multi-purpose extending tables, convertible tables, and wall bed desks, maximizing the space in your small apartment or your small home is easy when you browse through our selection of online space saving furniture. All of our furniture comes with a top-rated warranty for all of our builds.

Calgary Space Saving Tables For Sale

Calgary Space Saving Sofas

Calgary Space Saving Sofas For Sale

In a small home, the worst culprit of space eating furniture is your sofa. Depending on what kind you have, they are large and difficult to arrange in your space to make it as functional as possible. Expand Furniture has a wide variety of Calgary space saving sofas to help maximize the space in your home and help you make the most out of your home. Our space saving sofas include modular sofas and sectionals, modern convertible sofa beds, murphy bed sofas, wall bed sofas, and much more. Whether you live in a conventional home with limited space or a small apartment in Calgary, you can get quality, long lasting space saving furniture without sacrificing functionality for style. For the best selection of Calgary space saving sofas for your small home living, visit Expand Furniture.

Canada Modular Sofas & Sectionals

Expand Furniture has a wide selection of quality, top rated modular sofas and sectionals in Calgary. These finely crafted furniture pieces are designed to fit the needs of the average small apartment dweller, fitting in even the tightest of spaces. We craft all of our space saving modular sofas and sectionals to be fully customizable in your space, providing not only functionality but visual appeal as well. Our Calgary transforming sofas are expandable and adaptable to fit the size of any small space. Browse through the large online collection of our modular sofas and sectionals to find the right fit for you.

Canada Modular Sofas & Sectionals

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