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Top-Rated Multifunctional Space Saving Furniture In Maryland

It is no secret that the population of Maryland is growing, which means homes and living spaces are getting smaller and smaller. Many homeowners and apartment dwellers are looking for an effective, affordable solution to maximizing their space and making it more functional and enjoyable. The necessity for better furniture designs and higher quality pieces has never been more pressing.

At Expand Furniture, you will find a wide selection of Maryland convertible furniture designed to revolutionize your thinking and expand your possibilities. From double duty tables and accent pieces to Murphy beds that tuck seamlessly into the wall, there is something for everyone here at Expand Furniture!

Top Rated Maryland Space Saving Furniture

Transforming Furniture For Houses & Apartments Near You

About Our Space Saving Furniture Store

Whether you need a transforming table, compact chair, or a convertible sofa, Expand Furniture has you covered. Most of our incredible products are always in stock, whether online or in a local warehouse, and most pieces are shipped fully assembled. We are proud to offer rapid customer service, easy returns, and comprehensive warranties on our inventory. With our 30 day price protection guarantee where you can send the furniture piece back to us if it does not work for your needs, you can always buy with confidence at our Maryland space saving furniture store. Start browsing today to find the perfect fit for your home!

Harmony Queen Memory Foam Ultra Compact Sofa Bed

Get Space Saving Furniture For Small Spaces In Maryland

From Extendable Dining Tables To Murphy Beds & Sofa Beds

Black Expandable Dining Table And Folding Dining Chairs For Sale In Maryland

Our furniture range includes extendable dining tables, murphy beds, sofa beds, and many more. Our products are designed to save you space while providing comfort, style, and functionality. Whether you need furniture for your living room, bedroom, or dining area, we have everything you need to make the most of your space.

We believe small spaces should not ruin your style or comfort. We aim to offer practical furniture carefully designed to maximize every corner of your space. We use only the highest quality materials and the latest technology to offer that, and we have an incredible team ready to solve all your questions! We’re ready to help you improve the functionality of your home!

Quality Space Saving Furniture For Sale In Maryland


Comfortable Space Saving Wall Beds, Sofa Beds, And Murphy Beds

We offer different space-saving Murphy beds, sofa beds, and other furniture options that won’t ruin the appearance of your space! All these options give you a comfortable sleeping space without taking up valuable floor space.


Transforming Extendable Dining Table Sets With Luxury Designs

Our dining tables are carefully designed to save space by being compact when not in use and expandable when needed. We offer a wide range of luxury designs to create the perfect ambiance for your guests!


Space Saving Expanding Dining Bench, Seats And Foldable Chairs

Do you need to save space in your small dining area? Expanding dining benches are your option! We offer numerous designs for you to choose one that suits your needs and styles! They’re an excellent way to maximize space!

Space Saving Multifunctional Furniture

Find High-Quality Transforming Furniture At Maryland’s Favorite Multipurpose Store

At Expand Furniture, we understand the importance of maximizing space in your home, and that’s why we offer a wide range of transforming furniture solutions that are both functional and stylish. Our furniture range includes wall beds, sofa beds, and Murphy beds that offer a comfortable sleeping space while keeping functionality at home. We also offer transforming extendable dining table sets that can be easily expanded to accommodate more guests, as well as space-saving expanding dining benches, seats, and foldable chairs.

We think that high-quality furniture should be accessible to everyone, and that’s why we strive to provide affordable options without compromising on quality. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, and our knowledgeable staff is always on hand to help you find the perfect transforming furniture solution for your home.

Space Saving Murphy Beds For Sale

Space Saving Furniture For Maryland Homes

Make your furniture and your home work for you with our innovative, transformable furniture at Expand Furniture. Each of our Maryland convertible furniture pieces are offered in a wide variety of styles, colors, and designs to help you find the perfect blend with your personal style. Our service is rapid and responsive, and our highest priority is your satisfaction with our products. Browse our entire inventory of space saving furniture online, complete with all specs and measurements so you can purchase with confidence.

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Space Saving Desk With Murphy Bed

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Stylish Space Saving Dining Table

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Comfortable Transforming Tables & Chairs

Our Clients' Testimonials

5-Star Rated Furniture Store Serving Maryland

“I bought a console table that is expandable to a dining table. I love the product a lot it is very compact and practical. It expands to a 8 people dining table. Customer service was awesome and I would shop there again!”

Christine P. – Vancouver ★★★★★

“With the extremely stylish box coffee table, my small apartment living room transforms from an awesome sitting entertaining/media area into a functional dining room as required. This is the solution for modern living, giant recommendation!”

Steven B. –

“We love it! we used the table with 2 leaves for Jewish holidays and it was fabulous. We use it whenever we entertain. When we put the leaves away it’s a great small desk for me for work! Leaves are very easy to store! Perfect for apartment living.”

Ellen K. – Brooklyn★★★★★

Maryland Modern Space Saving Furniture Dealers

Give Your Indoor Spaces A New Look With Transforming Furniture

Space Saving Tables

When you live in the city, you pay top dollar for small living areas which means there is little space or budget left for anything but the bare essentials. Our top rated Maryland space saving tables at Expand Furniture help you get the most bang for your buck when you choose a dual purpose table. Whether you need dining for two, dining for eight, or additional storage space, our transformable tables can help you get what you need in the moment. Make your furniture work for you and adapt to your needs!

Our collection of quality space saving tables deliver visual appeal and functionality to your home. Each piece is made for modern living and manufactured with the highest quality materials available. Each table is delivered quickly and typically already assembled. From lifting coffee tables and coffee to dining tables, or classy side tables with additional storage and accent pieces that expand to seat eight guests, Expand Furniture has an option for every lifestyle. View our online tables collection today and buy with confidence through our 30 day price protection guarantee!

Top Rated Maryland Space Saving tables

Console to dining tables

Space Saving Chairs

Top Rated Maryland Space Saving Folding Chairs

Finding enough space and storage to entertain guests can be extremely difficult, or impossible, in big city living. At Expand Furniture, we carry a wide variety of remarkable, expandable seating including folding and stacking chairs, modular sofas, and more. Each of our sofas and chairs has expandable capabilities that have you covered for those overnight guests or dinner parties with friends. From stretching seating to modular sofas, we have you covered!

Each of our multifunctional space saving chairs in Maryland is designed to help you make the most of every inch in your living space. They are crafted with superior quality materials and covered with unbeatable, comprehensive warranties that ensure total satisfaction. Whether you need folding chairs that tuck away under your dining table or can be stashed in a tiny corner, or an expandable bench that can comfortably seat anywhere from 1-10 people, Expand Furniture has you covered. You can expect professional customer service, quick delivery, and guaranteed efficiency through every step of the buying process. Browse our large selection online today to find the ideal chair!

Hidden Walls Beds

At Expand Furniture, you will find incredible space saving beds in Maryland for all types of rooms. Whether you live in a tiny apartment or a conventional house, space saving beds and hidden wall beds can add a whole layer of function, convenience, and value to your home. Browse our Sofa Wall beds that combine a couch and a Murphy bed, or consider a Table & Desk Murphy Bed to make your bedroom ideal for sleeping and for working, or look at our Lifting Beds that feature additional hidden storage underneath. We also have innovative hidden Bunk Beds that fold up seamlessly into the wall, perfect for the occasional guest. Each of our hidden cabinet beds, free standing wall beds, and sofa beds are crafted with comfort, quality, and durability in mind.

If you cannot find a base model that you like, consider customizing one of our compact wall beds by combining it with any other piece of furniture including a desk, sofa, or revolving tv stand. Our design experts are ready to help you create the perfect, functional, space-saving bed for your home.

Top Rated Maryland Space Saving Hidden Wall Beds

Space Saving Sofas

Top Rated Space Saving Sofas With Storage Space For Sale In Maryland

When you need a compact, modern sofa that brings both visual appeal and comfort to your tiny space, Expand Furniture has you covered. We carry a wide selection of compact, modular sofas in a variety of colors and styles. Consider our Soft Cube modular sofas that can be kept together or separated to fill several areas throughout your home. Or consider our Adagio love seat for two, or the Migliore 3 seater with modern style and sleek lines. Each piece is crafted with quality materials and built with memory foam for ultimate comfort.

With excellent ratings across the web for our convertible furniture and Maryland space saving sofas, Expand Furniture helps homeowners effectively maximize every inch of their space by making their living area adapt to their personal needs. If you lose any parts of the sofa, we feature a vast online library of replacement parts and hardware pieces for everything in our inventory. Browse our products online to find the perfect piece that brings modernity and comfort to your home!

FAQs About Our Space Saving Furniture

Why Shop with Expand Furniture?
We are the premier online specialist in Expandable Space Saving Furniture. We offer original designs in addition to distributing amazing designer items. With furniture directly made for our company and shipped online to you, you save by cutting out the retail middle men. You can order online directly through us using a credit card on our secure SSL encryption. When you place an order in our system the payment goes directly through to our merchant and credit card information is not stored in our system. We do not keep credit cards on file, ever. We ship quickly as most of our products are in stock. We also can custom produce furniture if you have patience. In addition to our incredible warranties we also offer 30 day price protection on your purchases as well as easy returns on most items. See below for more details:

Shop with Absolute Confidence!

Is Expand Furniture Eco Friendly?

What Kind Of Return Policy Warranty Do You Offer With Your Products?

If our customers aren’t satisfied with our products, we aren’t either. Most products can be returned within 7 days of delivery; please see each product page for details or exclusions. We will try to make returns as simple as possible by arranging to ship with our carriers or finding a charity; however, original packaging is required to make a return. Refunds will be issued once the items have been received and inspected. The cost of return shipping will be deducted from the refund because shipping fees are not refundable. Wall beds, Mezzanine, Mattresses, Cabinet Beds, FlexYah Bench, Flux chairs, and custom order items are final sales.

If an item arrives damaged, we can repair or replace it. Please inquire for more information on specific items. If you order a product with included or free shipping and want to return it, there is a 15% restocking fee. (Because there is no shipping fee). If you reject or refuse delivery of a returnable product, we will consider it a return and charge you the two-way shipping or restocking fee. Non-returnable product refusal or rejection may include additional shipping and storage charges until final delivery is accepted.

Do You Ship Your Transforming Furniture Outside The US?

Although we primarily serve Canada and the United States, we can ship most tables anywhere in the world, including Europe and Asia. We’ve shipped to the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, and other countries. Please contact us for more information.

Does Your Transforming Furniture Have Any Quality Guarantee?

We use high-quality materials and rigorous testing to ensure our transforming furniture is durable and long-lasting. We also offer a quality guarantee to prove this.

Our wall beds have a 5-year warranty on all mechanical parts. Our tables have a 5-year or 500-day warranty depending on the model. Even if something goes wrong after the warranty period has expired, we will be happy to send any replacement parts at cost, or for free if possible.

With our satisfaction guarantee, you can rest assured that we’ll do our best to make you happy with your purchase.

What Is The Procedure If My New Space Saving Furniture Comes Bent, Broken, Or Damaged?

We double-check every item before shipping it, and we carefully package everything with extra padding. However, if your item is damaged in transit or defective upon arrival, we will either repair it if the damage is minor or send out a replacement as soon as possible at no cost to you.

If the damage is cosmetic and we agree to replace it, we require that you keep and use the item while you wait for your replacement so that you have at least a functional product while you wait. If your item arrives damaged, please notify us as soon as possible by email or phone. Do not throw away the packaging as we may require it to make an exchange.

Can Your Delivery Crew Bring My New Furniture Inside And Up The Stairs?

Yes, our delivery crew can bring your new furniture inside and up the stairs, as long as it is safe to do so. Please let us know in advance if you have any specific delivery requirements or concerns.

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