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5-Star Rated Multifunctional Space Saving Furniture In New Jersey

When you live in a big city or a highly populated state such as New Jersey, the necessity for better furniture designs and higher quality pieces grows. Apartment and home living has begun to trend toward smaller square footage and higher rent prices, which means there is little left over for anything but the essentials.

At Expand Furniture, you will find a wide selection of New Jersey space saving furniture designed to help you maximize your space and increase your possibilities through innovative designs. From Murphy beds and loft systems, to expandable seating and transforming dining tables, there is something for everyone here at Expand Furniture!

Top Rated New Jersey Space Saving Furniture

Transforming Furniture For Houses & Apartments Near You

About Our Space Saving Furniture Store

Whether you need a convertible modular sofa, transforming coffee to dining table, or chairs that fold flat for easy storage, we have your back here at our space saving furniture store in New Jersey. Most of our inventory is always in stock, and typically ships fully assembled right to your front door. We offer responsive customer service, exceptional warranties, and a 30 day price protection guarantee for easy returns.

Space Saving Murphy Beds For Sale

Space Saving Furniture For New Jersey Homes

Double duty furniture such as a Murphy Bed Table, MurphySofa, folding Bunk Bed, or Coffee-to-dining-table ensures that you do not waste one inch of your precious space in your small home. Not only will you bring modern visual appeal and functionality to your home, but you will be able to host friends and family when the need arises. Our entire inventory of New Jersey convertible furniture is available online, so start browsing today!

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Space Saving Desk With Murphy Bed

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Stylish Space Saving Dining Table

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Comfortable Transforming Tables & Chairs

Our Clients' Testimonials

New Jersey Furniture Store With Top-Rated Reviews

“I bought a console table that is expandable to a dining table. I love the product a lot it is very compact and practical. It expands to a 8 people dining table. Customer service was awesome and I would shop there again!”

Christine P. – Vancouver ★★★★★

“With the extremely stylish box coffee table, my small apartment living room transforms from an awesome sitting entertaining/media area into a functional dining room as required. This is the solution for modern living, giant recommendation!”

Steven B. –

“We love it! we used the table with 2 leaves for Jewish holidays and it was fabulous. We use it whenever we entertain. When we put the leaves away it’s a great small desk for me for work! Leaves are very easy to store! Perfect for apartment living.”

Ellen K. – Brooklyn★★★★★

Modern Space Saving Furniture Dealers Serving New Jersey

Give Your Indoor Spaces A New Look With Transforming Furniture

Space Saving Tables

Do you enjoy entertaining guests but haven’t had the space or ability to do so? With an extendable dining table at Expand Furniture, you can host parties and guests with ease! Browse our wide selection of space saving, extendable tables that can easily adapt from being a home office space to a dining table for ten or a poker table for your guys night. We have hundreds of online options so that you can find exactly what you need in the right style and design.

At Expand Furniture, we use only superior quality materials for our New Jersey space saving tables to ensure longevity and durability. Utilize every square inch of your space with a top notch, affordable, sleek transforming table, and take advantage of our comprehensive warranties. You can buy with confidence through our 30 day price protection guarantee!

High Quality Space Saving Tables For Sale In New Jersey

Space Saving Chairs

High Quality Space Saving Chairs For Sale In New Jersey

When you live in a big city, you need seating that adapts to your needs and makes your space work for you. At Expand Furniture, we have a wide selection of innovative seating including folding and stacking chairs and expandable benches. Our FlexYah expandable bench and the FlexYah stools are designed to fit into a tiny apartment with ease, and can easily expand within seconds to accommodate your guests.

Our folding and stacking chairs are surprisingly comfortable and quickly fold down almost flat for easy storage in the closet. We even have some incredible dining table and chairs combinations where the chairs are housed inside the table to be out of sight. Visit our local warehouse to view our New Jersey space saving chairs, or browse our online inventory from the comfort of your own home!

Hidden Walls Beds

Our wide variety of innovative wall bed options at Expand Furniture have made us the #1 choice for anyone seeking a multifunctional, effective piece of furniture. Whether you have a studio apartment and want to fold your bed into the wall when not in use, or you want the option to make your home office into a guest bedroom when needed, our New Jersey hidden wall beds are the ideal solution.

Having the option for a compact, surprisingly comfortable bed that folds seamlessly into the wall in seconds is vital to maximizing your space and feeling in control of your home. Learn important details about our compact bunk beds, Murphy beds, and hidden wall beds from our online store, or browse your local warehouse to speak with an associate. We look forward to helping you!

Top Rated Hidden Wall Beds For Sale In New Jersey

Space Saving Sofas

Top Rated Space Saving Sofas For Sale In New Jersey

Expand Furniture has the best selection of modular sofa beds, sectionals, and space saving sofas in New Jersey, all sold at incredible prices. These are the perfect solution to bring space back to your cramped bedroom! With our popular modular sofas, you can keep the pieces together or separate them to furnish a few different areas in your living space. Each of our sofa designs are sleek, modern, and unique, offered in a variety of different colors and designs to ensure you will find the perfect fit for your home.

Not only do these space saving sofas bring visual appeal to your home, but they are incredibly comfortable and will keep your guests coming back for more. Plus, we offer a full store of replacement pieces and hardware parts for all our inventory for easy damage control!

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    Investing in furniture is always a gamble. You want to know for certain that your new furniture is durable, quality, and built to last. At Expand Furniture, you will find comfort, functionality, and affordability all rolled into each piece of convertible furniture we offer. Our store carries countless five star ratings and reviews for our responsive customer service and incredible warranties offered on our inventory. We are proud to offer a 30 day price protection guarantee with each purchase so you can buy with confidence from our New Jersey space saving furniture store!

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