Renting an Apartment? Transforming & Expanding Furniture Makes Moving Cheap & Easy

Renting an Apartment? Transforming & Expanding Furniture Makes Moving Cheap & Easy

People who rent studio apartments, condos, or other homes frequently avoid decorating because they are worried about damaging the home and losing their security deposit. It’s natural for people to want to decorate their home, whether they rent or own it. Decorating your home makes it cozy and feel more like your own space, which can be especially important when you are renting. Unfortunately, traditional decorations often involve drilling holes into walls to hang paintings, curtains, and other décor. For renters, this isn’t feasible and will result in a lost security deposit when it’s time to move to a new home.

The good news for renters is that there are many ways to decorate your home that don’t involve drilling or causing other permanent damage. These methods not only give you the ability to make your space your own but also mean you won’t need to lose your security deposit and can take your décor along with you. This makes moving to a new home much cheaper and easier!
Check out these tips on how to decorate your rental home in ways that make moving inexpensive and easy.

Renting an Apartment? Transforming & Expanding Furniture Makes Moving Cheap & Easy

Tip #1: Start Your Rental Home Décor Journey by Discovering Your Style

Many renters make the mistake of assuming that they cannot decorate their rental homes, but this isn’t true! There are many ways to safely decorate your rental home. First, take a look at different décor styles and discover which styles interest you the most. Once you have a more focused plan for your home, you can begin to find the perfect pieces to make your space feel like your own.
Here are some additional tips for discovering your décor style:

  • Look at your personal style. What colors, patterns, and textures do you love? What kind of clothing and accessories do you typically wear? Your personal style can give you clues about your décor style.
  • Think about how you want to feel in your home. Do you want your home to feel cozy and inviting? Or do you want it to feel sleek and modern? Think about the emotions you want to evoke when you step into your home.
  • Consider your lifestyle. How do you use your home? Do you entertain frequently? Or do you prefer to spend time at home relaxing and unwinding?

Choose a décor style that reflects your lifestyle and needs.
Once you have discovered your décor style, you can begin to put together a plan for decorating your rental home. Choose pieces that you love and that reflect your personal style. And don’t be afraid to experiment! The most important thing is to create a space that feels like home to you.

Tip #2: Transform Your Rental Home with Expandable and Modular Furniture

Furniture is the foundation of any room, whether you rent or own your home. When you’re decorating your rental space, prioritize the furniture because it will not only become the central focal point of your space but will last beyond your apartment life. Decorating primarily with furniture is also a great approach for people who are on a tight budget because you can repurpose, move, or refinish pieces that you already own in ways that better serve your home. Even something as simple as moving furniture to a different room of your home can change the way the space feels.

Renters who are tight on space and want to transform their homes should consider expanding furniture as a way to meet their needs. These innovative pieces of furniture transform or expand when needed, such as when you’re entertaining several people, and then collapse back into smaller pieces that fit well in your space for everyday life.

Some pieces of furniture that can truly transform your space include:

  • Expandable dining room table: If you live in a smaller home, you may need a table that seats just 1-2 people during the week. With an expandable table, you can easily make your table large enough to accommodate all of your weekend guests, and then collapse your table back up against the wall. Space-saving tables can completely transform the feel of your dining room while increasing its functionality.
  • Murphy bed or wall bed: Especially useful for studio apartments, guest rooms, and other tight spaces, a collapsible bed that folds into the wall or collapses into another piece of furniture can become the foundation of your room while adding incredible style and functionality. These types of beds can convert into comfortable couches, spacious desks for working from home or studying, or shelving for additional storage, and can even rotate into bookshelves!
  • Modular sofa: One simple way to transform the style, look, and function of your living room is to add a modular sofa. You can create a custom design for your room as you mix and match coordinating pieces that work well for your needs and décor style. When you’re ready to change the way your room feels or accommodate extra guests, simply rearrange the lightweight modules and enjoy your new décor!

Tip #3: Add Creative Freedom to Your Rental Home with Renter-Friendly Décor

You might be surprised to discover how much renter-friendly décor is available in today’s market. Consider peel-and-stick wallpaper, window decals, light fixtures, and area rugs, all of which can be purchased in a wide variety of designs, sizes, and colors. These types of décor can add creative freedom to your rental home in ways that won’t cause damage.

Here are some tips for choosing and using renter-friendly décor:

  • Choose pieces that are easy to install and remove. This will make it easier to move out of your rental home without damaging the walls or floors.
  • Choose pieces that are made from high-quality materials. This will ensure that your décor lasts longer and looks its best.
  • Choose pieces that suit your personal style. This will help you create a home that feels like your own.

With a little planning and effort, you can easily decorate your rental home in ways that won’t cause damage. Renter-friendly décor is a great way to add your personal touch to your space and make it feel like home.

Transform Your Rental Space with Expanding Furniture

At Expand Furniture, we believe there’s a way for everyone to make their space feel like home and that there’s no better way to accomplish this than with innovative transforming furniture, including modular sofas, expandable tables, and Murphy beds. We are proud to offer a wide variety of expanding furniture, all created with the highest quality materials and finished with a generous warranty package. If you’re ready to transform your rental home into a cozy space that matches your style, contact us today!


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