Space Saving Dining Table for Tiny Apartments


Gain space and mobility and make your tiny apartment feel big with a space saving dining table.

Space Saving Dining Sets Transforming Tables for Tiny Apartment Living

The box coffee to dining table is a versatile and functional table that manages to look very stylish at the same time. Steve has a problem in his tiny apartment space. He likes to relax in front of the TV and does not worry about needing a dining table, but his girlfriend does mind.

Transforming Box Coffee To Dining Table For Tiny Apartments

His buddies also want to play poker and he does not have room for a full time dining table without making his apartment feel tiny. Steve finds a smart solution. He buys a box coffee to dining table which rests everyday in the living room where he normally eats. When his girlfriend comes over he raises it to dining level and uses it for dinner with her. When his buddies come over he extends it into a 10 seat poker table. Everyone is happy and Steve kept his apartment neat and tidy.

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