Top Feng Shui Rules Small Space Owners Live By

Feng Shui is a useful practice for organizing your home. If you believe in its spiritual component, you can use it to create more harmony in your home and to meet the goals in your life. But even if you don’t believe in its spiritual component, you can still use it to create wonderful flow in your home and to make the most out of your space.

Feng Shui is especially useful for a small space, though it can be difficult to implement it sometimes. You have to think beyond the basic rules to how you can apply the theory behind the concepts. Here are a few of the top Feng Shui rules that those living in small spaces use for maximum effect:

Create Separate Spaces

A lot of small spaces don’t have walls separating areas like the dining room or the living room. The walls just make the space seem smaller and more cluttered, so an open floor plan is chosen. Yet that open floor plan can make it hard to distinguish where one room ends and another begins. If you have a studio apartment, for example, it can look like your bed is right in the middle of your living room.

Modular sofas can help create the illusion of separate rooms

You can create the illusion of separate rooms with room dividers, curtains, bookcases, or even a row of plants. You can also create groupings of furniture or use area rugs to mark different spaces. For example, you put your couch and a couple of chairs on the edges of an area rug to define your living room. You still enjoy the more ample feel of the open floor plan, but you create distinctions between your “rooms.”

Take Advantage of the Command Position

The command position in Feng Shui gives you a clear view of the entry to a space so that you have visual control over the whole room. The idea behind this position is it makes you feel similarly in command of your life.

You should put key pieces of furniture in the command position, such as the bed in your bedroom or guest rooms, the couch in your living room, and seating groups in any room. Face these items toward the door or other entry of the room so that if you are sitting or lying, you can see the entry way.

Clear Clutter

Nothing is worse than clutter to make a space seem smaller or to mess up your Feng Shui. Create an orderly room that seems to have plenty of open space by simply getting rid of the clutter. Move stacks of paper to filing cabinets or drawers. Clear out the knick knacks and have only a few pieces of key décor.

Clear clutter with extending dining sets

You can also clear clutter with space saving furniture. Get rid of your dining table by using a coffee table that transforms into a dining table. Or just downsize your table with extending dining sets that can be converted only when you need the additional space. There are plenty of space saving furniture ideas that can help you reduce furniture clutter in each room.

Add Mirrors

Mirrors can make any space look bigger. Instead of looking at a hard wall putting a definite border on the space, you are looking at the room reflected on the other side. It’s an illusion, but it’s an effective one. The more mirrors you put up, the larger and more open you make your space seem.

Feng Shui also recommends putting a mirror behind the top burners of your stove to magnify wealth. Hey, what have you got to lose?

Expand Furniture Space Saving Ideas

Include the Five Elements

Incorporating all five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal, and water – in your interior design is said to help you harness more energy. Wood is associated with peace and prosperity, while fire is associated with passion. Earth is associated with stability, and water with communication. Metal is said to improve concentration. If you can incorporate a bit of all five elements in your interior design, you should bring more of those positive energies into your life and enjoy your space more.

Encourage Chi

You should keep your entryway open so that your home can invite in energizing chi energy. All you have to do is keep furniture and clutter away from the doorway – especially all those shoes, coats, and hats that have a way of piling up on shelves or racks near the door. Keep all that put away in a closet, and keep plants and knick knacks free of the entry way.

You can also encourage more chi in your home by hanging a crystal from the ceiling or somewhere near the center of the room.

You don’t have to believe in all the spiritual elements of Feng Shui to get benefits from it. This ancient practice has great insights about how to streamline your space and make it feel more open and inviting. Even if you don’t know the how or why behind the energy channeling, you can take away a lot for improving your interior design.

Expand Furniture has the space saving furniture ideas you need to make more out of your small space. We have everything from extending dining sets to modular sofas that will enhance your home’s style while also reducing furniture clutter in your home. We also have small apartment furniture that can help you get more out of even the smallest bit of square footage. Check out our catalog to get the space saving furniture you need or some ideas for improving your interior design.

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