Tufted Upholstery – A New Trend in Home Furniture

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Interior design trends are always changing — and sometimes that’s for the best. We shudder to think about encountering shag carpeting these days or pink bathtubs and toilets. We’re not sure what current trends will look back on in horror in the years to come, but we can try to make some smart decisions now to avoid any cringe-inducing memories later.

One trend that we’re sure we’ll remember fondly is tufted upholstery. This isn’t really a new trend as it has appeared in the past, but it has an updated take that gives it a sense of timelessness. With tufted upholstery, you can create a modern look while also paying homage to the past, creating a classic design sense.

What is Tufted Upholstery?

Tufted upholstery is what you see on pieces of furniture like this Tilt Tufted Sofa Bed from Expand Furniture. The fabric covering the sofa is pulled and folded into a geometric pattern and secured by buttons on the cushions.

Some tufted upholstery is relatively simple, such as the grid pattern on the Tilt Sofa Bed with relatively little folding. The lines are primarily created by the seams between the pieces of fabric sewn together to create the larger pillow cushion.

Other examples of tufted upholstery include much deeper folds and different patterns. The most popular alternative pattern is the diamond-tufted pattern, in which the lines cross between the buttons in a diamond shape.

You can find tufted upholstery on chairs, sofas, chaise lounges and other seated furniture. It is even becoming popular for upholstered headboards.

High-End Design

Tufted upholstery is popular because it adds more visual interest to furniture and lends a more sophisticated air to a room.

Imagine the same sofa without the tufting. While some may prefer the simple lines, others would consider the design to be more basic and mundane even. Adding tufting to a chair or sofa instantly makes it appear more interesting and well-designed.

Tufted upholstery is also versatile. When paired with ornate molding and foot work, the upholstery can make a piece of furniture look more sophisticated and luxurious. However, when paired with a modern design that has clean, straight lines, the tufted upholstery can make a piece of furniture look more tailored.

Caring for Tufted Upholstery

Since tufted upholstery has more detailing, it also needs a little more care to prevent problems. The seams along the tufting can come apart as opposed to a solid piece of fabric covering the cushion. The buttons can come loose. The tufting can sag.

Food, dirt, liquid and other debris can also get trapped in the tufting, which will act like a little crater collecting it all at a point. That can lead to staining and odors that are hard to get out if left untreated.

It is important that you care for your furniture well so that you can maintain the tufting and the overall look for many more years to come. Using the right products and performing regular maintenance will minimize the issues.

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