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The Finest Multifunctional Space Saving Furniture In Boston

Whether you are a college student, a young professional, or a family looking to maximize the space in your home or apartment in Boston, Allston, or Chestnut Hill, you need furniture that will do that for you. Expand Furniture has a great selection of tables, chairs, and beds that will both give your place a unique look and be quite functional for any of your needs. Check us out today to see what works for you!

Top Rated Boston Space Saving Furniture

Save Much Needed Space In Boston With Our Multifunctional Furniture

About Our Transforming Furniture Store Serving Boston, MA

Space is at a premium when it comes to your home or apartment. Our furniture can serve a variety of functions and some of them can be hidden discreetly when not in use. That way, you can have everything that you want without worrying about any clutter or not having a particular type of furniture. You will love how our furniture looks and how they can work in your home. Reach out to us today.

Space Saving Murphy Beds For Sale

Space Saving Furniture For Your Home In Boston

Boston is one of the largest cities in the country. The way of large cities goes that the more people there are, the bigger the premium on real estate, not just in price but in availability. Even if you have a luxury apartment in Boston, it’s likely that you don’t have all the space you’d like to have.

Expand Furniture can help you make even the smallest space feel more open and comfortable. You don’t need to have a dedicated office space, a formal dining room or a spare room for guests in order to get that functionality.

For example, our Murphy sofa with a floating shelf can help you to make an impromptu guest room out of your living room. When the bed is not in use, it is folded up in the wall, and the floating shelf provides a space for books or décor over the couch. When you need to use the bed, just pull it down over the couch. You won’t have to move the couch out of the way – just take off the cushions.

Our Tiny Titan transforming kitchen table can turn a small desk or end table into a formal dining table big enough to fit 8 to 10 people. The small table is big enough for a laptop, but if you pull it apart, you’ll reveal a metal frame that will hold the leaves to turn it into a dining table.

We carry many other pieces of Boston space saving furniture, including lifting coffee tables, wall beds and transforming console tables. Browse our online catalog to discover the perfect pieces to suit your décor and get the use you need out of the room. You’ll be able to work or relax alone or host large dinner parties comfortably.

Cupboard And closet Storage

Cupboard And Closet Shelving & Storage

Floating Wall Shelves

Stylish Wall Shelves & Floating Shelves

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Convenient Transforming Tables & Chairs

Our Clients' Reviews

Five-Star Rated Furniture Store Serving Boston

“I bought a console table that is expandable to a dining table. I love the product a lot it is very compact and practical. It expands to a 8 people dining table. Customer service was awesome and I would shop there again!”

Christine P. – Vancouver ★★★★★

“With the extremely stylish box coffee table, my small apartment living room transforms from an awesome sitting entertaining/media area into a functional dining room as required. This is the solution for modern living, giant recommendation!”

Steven B. –

“We love it! we used the table with 2 leaves for Jewish holidays and it was fabulous. We use it whenever we entertain. When we put the leaves away it’s a great small desk for me for work! Leaves are very easy to store! Perfect for apartment living.”

Ellen K. – Brooklyn★★★★★

Modern Transforming Furniture For Boston Homeowners

Transform Your Boston Home With Space Saving Furniture

Boston Space Saving Tables

The tables at Expand Furniture can be moved around and manipulated so that you can use however much or little space you want to. They can open up to allow more visitors to sit around it or it can be folded so that it would work best for a single person or a couple. You will find something that works for you or anyone else that lives with you.

The people that craft these tables are experts at what they do and they know exactly what they are doing with their space saving tables. They use a variety of designs so that you can pick the one that looks the most unique to you and would fit your aesthetic the best. There are a variety of colors that will allow them to draw attention or blend into the background – whatever you want. Feel free to browse our selection.

Space Saving Tables For Sale

Boston Space Saving Chairs

While tables are important, so are the things that you sit on. Chairs that take up a lot of space are not ideal for your Boston home. You will constantly be irritated about having to walk around them and it may even be cumbersome to pull in and out so that you can sit. At Expand Furniture, we know all about that and have chairs for sale that will work for a multitude of spatial situations.

These chairs are made with both their looks and comfort in mind. They will have bold looks and designs but they are also ones that you can spend a lot of time sitting on if you want. They will fit perfectly in your Boston home. Take a look at our selection and see which ones grab you.

White space saving chairs

Boston Hidden Wall Beds

Hidden Wall Beds

This is a great choice if you live in a small apartment and you don’t want a bed to dwarf the bedroom dimensions. Even a twin bed can make an already small room look positively tiny. That is where hidden wall beds come in. They can be pulled down and slept on and then pushed back up when not in use, freeing up a lot of space and improving the dimensions.

At Expand Furniture, we have a lot of different hidden-wall beds to pick from. They are unobtrusive and you can utilize the other space in your room much better. You have a choice of colors. If you have any questions, our experts will be glad to answer them before you buy.

Boston Space Saving Sofas

A sofa is a haven for you after a long day. You can rest on it and watch TV or take a nap on it. You can even do your work on it during the day if you are working from home. They can be great. But if they take up too much space and it feels like you have to always walk9 around it no matter where you enter the room, then you need to reconsider what kind of sofa you have.

Expand Furniture is happy to help the people of Boston get the best space-saving sofas that will serve their purpose of helping them relax while also not taking up an incredible amount of space. You will get the best of both worlds with these space-saving sofas that we have on sale.

Space Saving Sofas with hidden storage

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