Best Sectional Sofas For Every Kind of Living Room Space

Best Sectional Sofas For Every Kind of Living Room Space

How To Choose The Right Sectional Couch For Your Living Room

A sectional sofa is a great investment for any home. These sofas offer huge, comfortable spaces for everyone in the family to crash and relax after a long day at work or school or to come together for quality time. Sectionals are great for entertaining or for accommodating the whole family.

Not only do sectional sofas offer a variety of practical benefits, but they are also stylish. The right sectional can make a big statement in any living room space. Here’s some information to help guide you in choosing the best sectional sofa for your home:

How To Choose The Right Sectional Couch For Your Living Room In Vancouver, BC

What Is a Sectional Sofa?

Sectional sofas are multi-piece units that can combine a couch and loveseat, reclining chairs, or other items that might usually be separate pieces of furniture. The sectional can take on a few different shapes. The best sectionals are customizable based on the pieces you choose for them. They can take on different shapes, have arms or no arms, have different styles, come in different colors, and more.

Basic Pieces Of a Sectional Couch

To decide on the right configuration for your sectional couch, you first need to understand what your options are. Some of the basic pieces of a sectional couch can include:

  • Armrests. They can be placed on the end of each section, like on a traditional couch, or they can be placed between each seat, like having a row of reclining chairs placed together.
  • Chaise. A chaise lounge is usually placed at one end of a sectional. The chaise is designed for a single person, and it gives you the opportunity to stretch out your legs, almost like a long chair or a small bed.
  • Corner piece. Instead of slapping two couches together to make a right angle, you can choose a corner piece for your sectional that gives it a more rounded look. You can also choose an angled corner piece that gives the sectional a unique shape.
  • Drop-down tray. This accessory gives you the option to keep food and drinks safely at hand while you are reclining on the sectional for movies and other entertainment.
  • Recliner. You can include all the typical living room pieces in one sectional, including a reclining chair that lets you stretch your legs and fully relax.
  • Sleeper. One of the couch units on your sectional sofa can include a pull-out mattress that can accommodate guests or can be used to save space in your home.

You can choose some or all of these features, depending on what you want in your sectional. You have great control over customizing the configuration.

How Many Types Of Sectional Couches Are There?

It may help you to decide on the configuration for your sectional sofa to understand what some of the common layouts are there. Some of the common types of sectional sofas include:

  • Reclining Sectional. These sectionals can have reclining units at the ends or placed strategically in the middle.
  • L-Shaped Couch. A sectional doesn’t have to be three sides. It can be two sides that meet together in an L-shape. The options include two couch-sized units, a couch and loveseat, or a couch and chaise.
  • Sectional Sleeper Sofa. Get maximum functionality with this sectional sofa type. The mid-section can include a pull-out couch so you can sleep in a full bed each night or have an extra space for guests without needing a dedicated guest room.
  • Sofa with Chaise. Many smaller sectionals have a basic design of a sofa attached to a chaise, providing an additional relaxation area while still conserving space.
  • U-Shaped Sectional. The largest sectionals are U-shaped. They often have a large sofa in the mid-section, and are flanked by any combination of another sofa, love seat, or chaise on each side.

You may be constrained by the size of your space when choosing your sectional sofa type, or you may just decide that you like one style over another.

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