Must-Have Furniture Items For An Efficient Studio Apartment

Must-Have Furniture Items For An Efficient Studio Apartment

How To Style Your Studio Apartment With The Right Furniture Pieces

Studio apartments may be limited by square footage, but they don’t have to be limited in their style or their functionality. You can enjoy all the benefits of a studio apartment without having to sacrifice your style or needs by choosing the right furniture pieces. The key is to look for furniture that is designed for maximum style and functionality with a minimum footprint.

Here are a few must-have furniture items to help you have an efficient and stylish studio apartment:

How To Style Your Studio Apartment With The Right Furniture Pieces In Vancouver, BC.

Sofa Bed

Studio apartments are often one large room that blurs the lines of the sleeping space and the living room space. Sofa beds are perfect for studio apartments because they do the same. You can have a couch to use by day for relaxing, watching television, or even entertaining guests, and at night, you can convert the sofa to a comfortable sleeping space.

Sofa beds like the Harmony are easy to convert. They simply lay flat or extend slightly, and they have a large and comfortable mattress for a great night’s sleep. You can even buy them in different mattress sizes to ensure that you get the space you need for maximum comfort.

Wall Bed Desks & Tables

You don’t need to have separate pieces of furniture for your bed, a desk, or even a table. There are many great combination units that put these items together in a stylish and practical configuration. Expand Furniture sells many stylish wall bed desks and tables.

The Hover Murphy bed desk features a sleek cabinet that has a bed inside that can be easily pulled down when it’s ready for use. When the cabinet is closed, and the bed put away, a desk drops down. Similar designs are available with floating shelves instead of a desk. Or, with a design like the Compatto revolving wall bed, you can get a beautiful bookshelf on the other side of your bed. Turn the bookcase and reveal a mattress that can be turned down for easy use. It will be just like living in a mansion with secret corridors!

Folding & Extending Chairs

Why have multiple chairs out in your home when you are the only one there most of the time? Don’t clutter your floor space with chairs that aren’t frequently used. Get folding and extending chairs that will save your space but also provide comfortable seating when you’re entertaining.

Chairs like the Nano folding chairs are easy to use and store whenever needed. You can even hang them when they’re being stored. You can get a more unique style with the Flux envelope folding chair or more seating space with the FlexYah bench and seat set.

Extending Table

An extendable table and folding or extendable chairs are the perfect combo for a studio apartment. An extendable table can start life as a coffee table, desk, or small dining table, and it can extend to seat a small or large party for dinner. You can use it for your day-to-day needs, and then extend it when you want to have over family and friends.

The Junior Giant Revolution can stretch from a small console table into a large dining table that seats up to 12 people. The Butterfly expandable round dining table can easily twist to add wings to accommodate up to eight people.

Visit a High-Quality Furniture Company In Vancouver, BC

Many other types of furniture can help you maximize the space and style in your studio apartment, including storage couches and beds, nesting tables, and more. Explore the catalogue at Expand Furniture to find high-quality and stylish furniture that is designed to do more. Our entire line can help you make the most of your space, whether you are living in a small space like a studio apartment or you just want to do more with the larger space that you have. Much of our furniture is customizable with different colors and finishes, so you can find something that will work perfectly in your space while also expressing your personal style. We have furniture for inside and outside the home, as well as for every room in your home. Explore our catalogue to find the perfect pieces to upgrade your home and get more out of your space.


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