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Are you looking for some ideas how to seat your guests comfortably at your next event?

If you are hosting a large event a bench can be a wonderful solution to give your patrons a place to rest. The problem with a bench is that they are large . Who has room for huge bench in their homes? Solution: You can use a flexible love super seat that expands out like an accordion into a gigantic movable bench. This little seat  is under 55 lbs in flexible-love-16-earth--circle-expand weight but supports over 4,000lbs and up to 16 people. It can compact down to under 1 foot in size and stretch all the way up to 23.5 feet in length.

What if your space doesn’t need a long straight bench for seating but a different shape? No problem, this is called the flexible love chair for a reason, it can actually bend in shape and you can even create a U shaped semi circle for a round table style conference. Or create a circular bench that will be a centerpiece for conversation and seating.  Check out more details here.

For a more conventional seating solution, consider a folding chair. Aghh but aren’t folding chairs ugly and uncomfortable? That can be a problem with a folding chairs is that they sacrifice design and style for function. Fortunately there are beautiful folding chairs that manage to keep a sleek look while also being ultra compact.

When you have a folding chair by Expand Furniture the idea is to save space and be able to put them away. These folding chairs both can easily be hung on hooks and vertically unique-folding-chair-expand-furniture stored in a cupboard so you don’t lose any precious storage.  Don’t have space in your cupboard? Hang them on your wall like a piece of art. When you live in a small space, creativity and functionality are often required. Bicycles are often seen on the walls of trendy NYC loft apartments, so why not hang up  your designer folding chair?

When you have a few extra guests over, take off your art piece designer chairs from the wall and unfold them around your dinner table.

Seating for outdoors, events and more.

dinner with folding chairs Have you ever wanted a comfortable seat at the beach, park or a beautiful outdoor venue but didn’t want to deal with lugging around a heavy chair? The Flux Envelope chair should solve your problems with this super compact design and light weight. In a SUV you could fit over 100 of these amazing chairs, yet they are strong enough to seat over 300 lbs of weight. Weather resilient means you can take this to the beach or park and not worry about moisture damage. View the Flux Envelope chair to learn  more.

Less conventional seating ideas for small spaces.

Using an Ottoman as a chair in a pinch is a great way for extra seating and even better if your Ottoman transforms into 5 seats. The Cube Ottoman does just that and offers padded seats.

Is your sofa going to be right against the back of a wall? Consider getting a chaise, instead of a sofa, with custom made back rest pillows. When against a wall with pillows in front, your chaise will feel the same as a regular sofa. When you have guests over for a party the chaise can be pulled away from the wall, allowing guests to sit around all the edges. Rather than 2-3 people enjoying a seat on a regular sofa, you now can seat 4-6 around the surface of the chaise. The same can be done with a modular sofa, simply pull away the chaise, and open up that sofa to seat more people. A chaise can act as a bench for a few seats at a dinner table. It may not be as stylish as the designer folding chairs or the Flexible Love super seat, but it can work in a jam.

Use your storage as a seating or another solid furniture piece as a quick seat solution, but there are some more stylish compact options on the market such as the Nalia by designer Claudio Sibille. This smart stack-able storage shelf actually has a hidden stool built into each unit. The seat cover acts as a cupboard that can open or close when its in the shelf mode. Pull the cupboard cover out and a chair is revealed while leaving your storage in tact. This item can be special ordered in your choice of colors.


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