Prices For Cubista Ottoman, Ciak, Pocket Chair and Alternative Folding Chairs

Companion cube-5-in-1-ottoman-expand-furniture

cube-5-in-1-ottoman-chair Finding out the price of folding chairs like the Cubista , Ciak or Pocket chairs from resource furniture is not always easy. You can avoid going through a sales pitch in store without handing over any personal information by referring to the prices below!

The Cubista sells for a starting point of ~$1050-1500+ USD for the basic synthetic leather and fabric materials and goes upwards rapidly from there. Shipping costs ar nano-stylish-folding-chair-expand-furniture e unknown from Italy to your door. An alternative choice is the Cube 5 in 1 Ottoman which sells for $995, also from Italy with similar or the exact same fabric/pu options but with rapid delivery. A quick ship in stock similar Companion Cube sells for as low as $795

The Resource Furniture folding Pocket Chair looks to sell for $1400 a 4 pack or $350 a chair. We are unsure if this includes shipping from Italy. While it’s a sleek looking chair another consideration should be the Nano chair which ships from North America and are only $595 for a 4 pack or under $150 a chair. Oh and they come with a padded seat!

pendulum-stylish-folding-chair-expand-furniture The Ciak Chair appears to sell for $398 a chair, compare this to the Pendulum (which arguably looks sharper) at only $198 per chair.

Other unique options: FlexYah Benches
Flux folding chairs from $150 each

If you have any more information on pricing or other products we should add please do email us or make a comment below and we will update this list. Open pricing is very helpful in making a decision when comparing folding chairs or other items. Prices of course are subject to change and we are basing this on quotes we received back from customers or by searching the internet. Do your own due diligence for up to date pricing and we encourage you to contact furniture stores for comparisons.

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Nano Compact Folding Chair with Cushioned Seat