Feng Shui for Kids: These Fun Furniture Finds Will Convince You

Feng Shui for Kids: These Fun Furniture Finds Will Convince You

Feng shui has been around for millennia. It is both a practical and spiritual practice that focuses on how the objects in your environment influence your energy. So, if you face your bed in the right direction in your room, you will get a better night’s rest and will feel more calm and in control.

Some hear these concepts and dismiss them as a lot of spiritual mumbo jumbo that doesn’t amount to much. Others are ardent believers that wouldn’t dream of painting their room the wrong color at risk of blocking their qi.

If you are a parent, you might be so desperate to get a good night’s sleep or just a little peace that you don’t care whether you need to wear a crystal around your neck or say a spell every night to call down the protective spirits. If something promises to get you a little of that peace you crave, you’re probably willing to try it (within reason). Single-Revolving-Murphy-Bed-from-Italy-510x652

Fortunately, one of the supposed benefits of feng shui is that it can help children feel more calm and centered, which can translate to better sleep at night. And better sleep for children means better sleep for everyone, as well as more peaceful days.

Feng Shui Tips for Kids’ Rooms

Improving the feng shui of your children’s rooms does not have to be complicated. You can delve into things like kua numbers and birth elements, but you don’t have to do any of that. Sticking to a few basic principles will get you the results you crave.

To start, put your child’s bed in the command position, which is facing the door. The bed shouldn’t be directly across from the door, but more in a diagonal position across from the door and facing the door. This position is said to make the sleeper feel more in command of their personal surroundings and to feel more at ease.

L210 – X Shaped Bookcase Next, ensure that your child’s room has a good energy foundation by removing any and all clutter. Each piece of furniture should do some job, and it should be appropriately sized for the room. All toys, books, clothes, and other items should have a home in a drawer, on a shelf, or in a bin. Ideally, the bins or drawers would also have tops, or the shelves would be covered by a door. But items on open shelves are better than items scattered across the floor.

Finally, encourage expression and personalize the room with your child’s preferences or personal creations. For example, you can frame art work that your child made and has chosen to feature. You should also hang photos of your family, which will be encouraging and calming. Hanging photos of actors or celebrities can actually be discouraging since it can give your child a daily reminder of someone to try to measure up to. Paint the room in calming colors, and choose furniture and décor that make your child feel good.

Choosing the Right Furniture

Expand Furniture has some excellent storage and shelving options to feng shui your kids’ rooms and get rid of that clutter that can be creating a more chaotic energy when they are trying to go to sleep each night.

Our modular bookshelves can attach to a Murphy bed or be used alone, and they contain numerous shelves inside a closed system. Kids can stack their toys and books on the shelves each night, and then you can close the cabinet doors and get the clutter out of sight and out of mind.

Expand Modular Shelving and Storage Solutions

Kids will love our modular wall shelves. These shelves give you the opportunity to include things that interest your kids – like dinosaurs, puppies, or heroes – while also limiting clutter in the room. The shelves can be left open, or they can hold small bins that will keep small items out of sight. You can also get colored panels for some of the cubes, which lets you complement the color scheme in the room to create a soothing environment.

Use the modular wall shelves in conjunction with the modular bookcases and other storage options to keep the room completely free of clutter. You can also invest in a lift and store bed to keep items hidden away under the bed, or you can get a Murphy bed to clear up even more floor space by keeping the bed stowed away during the day, as well. Note Shaped Unique Wall Shelving

Get more peace in your days by giving your children better sleep at night by using feng shui and Expand Furniture to improve their rooms. You’ll also be happier to have the clutter out of the way so that you aren’t always tripping over toys on the way out of the room at night and so they aren’t always asking you where their special toys are. Contact our Montreal space saving furniture company or browse through our space saving furniture guide to find a variety of deals, coupons, and bundles for your all of your space saving furniture needs.


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