Kids taken over living room space and a solution to get it back

kids taken over the living room and need a space solution

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A solution to get back your living room space! Have your kids taken over the living room and made your home feel small? Well have a look at this solution.

Tyler and Laura love their home but it can feel small at times when their kids take over. It is hard for them to get some quiet time.  Laura would love to catch up on Netflix and see what Don Draper is up to and Tyler is slipping in his football pool. They need a solution and discover that they can expand their space by making their bedroom into a convertible living room through a MurphySofa wall bed couch combination. Everyone is happy with a few smart choices!

A great solution to make more space in your home using a smart wall bed sofa combination

Now when Tyler and Laura have a dinner party their kids can play in the new living room convert. When their kids have friends over and play in the main living room, Laura can happily watch Netlflix in her new living room – bedroom convert. She knows exactly who Don Draper is dating, and Tyler…  …well Tyler is still losing his football pool! Can’t win them all but you can make smart choices with your furniture.

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