5 Radical Space Saving Ideas for Small Apartments

Use these radical space saving ideas for your small apartment

folding table from expand furniture 1. Ditch your dining table

If you aren’t using your dining table every day, or even every week then it is time to get rid of it. There are a variety of compact convertible tables which will take up way less room, and easily convert into a full dining table when the occasion calls. This is a no brainer way to save a ton of space which is currently being neglected, but keep the option for entertaining when you need to. Ditch your dining table and get a coffee table that converts!  Space saver tables link

2. Turn your living room into a hidden bedroom for guests

Create an extra room in your home by having a guest bedroom hidden in your lounge through a MurphySofa wallbed. Unless you are having guests over every week, there is no need to buy a bigger home to accommodate friends or relatives who are visiting with a dedicated room. This is a perfect solution to have a beautiful centerpiece which also doubles as a very comfortable bed for guests.

murphysofa wall bed desk vertical sold by expand furniture 3. Turn your office into a guest bedroom

If you ever have the dilemma of a guest bedroom or an office, why settle for one when you can have both. Turn your office into a guest bedroom by using a wall bed desk . Don’t worry about moving your books, or laptop if you use a MurphySofa wall bed desk, it is perfectly balanced so everything can stay in position when lowering the unit.

Wall Bed Desk from Expand Furniture

4. Use your console as an extra table or desk Walnut Console to dining table opened - sold by expand furniture

Use your console table for dual purpose as a desk by day, and then turn it into a proper dining table when you need it for yourself and guests or an extra table for your guests and your kids to eat dinner at when company is over. Multipurpose consoles link

wall bed in a living room convert 5. Put your bedroom into your living room

Living rooms can often have a better layout, more light and are typically larger. Don’t be held back by the constraints of the original layout plans. How about putting your bedroom into your living room. Perhaps your current room has a small window, less light or is a bit too small. Maybe your home office is out in the open. If you live in a 1 bedroom apartment but want a home office, why not have your MurphySofa turn your living room into an open concept bedroom. Your original bedroom can turn into your full time office and you can have clearly dedicated spaces to work and for leisure/sleeping. Wall bed sofa link

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