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At one time or another, we all catch ourselves with eyes bigger than our stomachs, and invariably, we tend to regret that “extra bit of quiche” or the “decadent looking wedge of tiramisu”. While one can be forgiven for the occasional over indulgence, (bloating aside!) we should never need to apologize for having larger than life furnishing ambitions, even if we find ourselves in a bite sized living space.

Let’s say you happen to live (as I do) in a tight, one bedroom high rise which you’ve chosen for the premium location rather than its size. Those of us who opt for centrality, short commutes, and a smaller carbon footprint are usually the same folks who end up paying the highest rent for the least amount of space. In order to optimize every square foot available, savvy residents are looking closely at our Italian Collection and discovering that a little “urban sprawl” can be found behind their own front door:


Italian Murphy Beds available at Expand Furniture

We all take our homes pretty seriously, and wherever it is a person kicks off his or her shoes after work should be a place that inspires comfort and relaxation. More people today are very conscious about their furnishings and purchases in general. Style and design are of course paramount, but buyers are becoming increasingly knowledgeable shoppers, and they want to know that their investment is a quality product from a reliable and ethical manufacturer. A lot can be said for tradition; it remains the gold standard when it comes to a buyer’s trust. But when you match innovation with a long heritage of knowledge and experience, you have really found something special. A space saving murphysofa wall bed from Expand Furniture is a great way to acheive this.


Sleek and Chic European Multifunctional furniture

The Hovering Shelf Italian Wall bed is a trim classic with a polished, modern feel that will accent a living room, den, or bedroom perfectly. Not a hog on space, and accented with a custom designed mattress, this streamlined unit is totally versatile. While many might immediately default it as a guest sleeper, its use as a primary mattress for a particularly snug bachelor apartment can’t be discounted either.

Imagine a single room, open plan apartment; a place well suited to entertaining, while simultaneously a space for creative flow. Light isn’t a problem with the shelved sofa unit flush against the wall, nor is it difficult to lounge on the comfort inspired seats and digest the day with a good book after your guests have filtered out.

As night sets in we discover a remarkable transformation and our conservative bachelor apartment has suddenly grown a bedroom! Your coffee table has been lowered and the bed reclined. The elegant floating shelf doubles as base support for the mattress. The entire process took less time than it would for you to cross the room and turn off the TV. Before drifting off you congratulate yourself once more on the solid choice of that central downtown bachelor apartment you have furnished with a quality European transforming bed.


Stylized Italian horizontal wall beds

More stylized, and offering added storage above the unit, the Horizontal Italian Wall Bed can enhance a narrow office/den with a sofa to lounge on when you are in need of a breather from life. Suited to rooms short on the necessary length for a traditional mattress, and geared specifically towards those looking to furnish their home with a little extra bed space, this unique concept is a great example of the initiative and creativity driving the manufacturers behind this Italian design.

Produced and shipped from within Italy, the unit includes a tailored custom mattress specifically designed for the depth and form of the Horizontal Bed and Sofa Shelf. Like its counterpart mentioned above, the piston hinges operate silently with perfect weight distribution from the bed itself so anyone can lower and lift the bed to and from its casing with in a matter of seconds.

Neutrality is at the heart of this model which is characteristic of European design. Its tones and premium materials allow seamless blending with any motif, from the wildest colours to a more conservative interior design. There really isn’t a space in which this inclusive model wouldn’t feel at home.



If efficiency were measured out in feet and inches, this baby would be enormous! A giant in its own right, the Italian Revolving Bed, Library, & Table is as dynamic a piece of furniture as you will ever see. Space doesn’t even enter the equation with this multifunctional concept, and if you can’t find the room for this elegant all in one, you must really be living in a shoebox! Expand Furniture goes all in with this package including the custom sized European style mattress and the accessorised table accompaniment.

Versatility is at the heart of its innovative design, and the model offers 3 stages to suit all domestic needs: Full shelf, with the reclined and extended table/workstation for total efficiency, space-wise partial shelf with the table lifted and locked to maximise available floor space, and finally, lowered bed and hidden shelving façade for optimal night sleep in a completely transformed room. Every moving part in the model floats and swivels silently with almost no exertion, and you can metamorphose between cosy bedroom and elegant library in seconds.

The beauty of the Italian Revolving Library Bed & Table, like the rest of the collection, is that they can be utilized to enhance space in any room of a house or condo. What is more each of them can serve as a cunning addition to a holiday or rental property looking to maximise bed space and potential income.

While every piece within the Italian collection has been carefully thought out, and lovingly produced within Europe, their elegance and adaptability make each of them an ideal fit almost anywhere. Guaranteed comfort allows for their use in a primary bedroom, but their real talent comes to light when you are looking to take advantage of some lingering floor space. Whether it’s your hope to offer a comfortable place to sleep for visiting friends and family, or to open up the rental potential on your vacation property, you will be able to feel at ease with any of the Italian models, knowing that their design will draw second glances and their production has been built on a solid foundation of tradition and reliability.

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