5 places that you can hide away folding chairs when you are not using them.

Pendulum folding chair in-air-like-art

So you have an expanding dining set but keep it in a smaller form factor for your everyday use. What do you do with all the extra chairs? Not everyone has a big cupboard or storage space to hold a stack of 8 chairs, even if they are as thin as the nano folding chairs.

Really strong folding hook holding 2 nano chairs

If you don’t have a big storage area consider that you can break things down into smaller groups. You don’t need to put 4 or 8 chairs in the same place. Leave out as many as you can; If you have a console, leave 1 chair in front to make it a small desk. If you have a smaller table, leave 4 around it.

Places to hide your chairs:


  1. Hang them on the wall:

    Hang a couple on the wall with a really strong folding hook. Some chairs like the Nano that are thin enough that 2 of them can hide behind a door. Another option is to hang them out in the open or a nook. If you have a designer chair like the pendulum, they can even interesting to look at and if presented in the right way you can hang a few on the wall out in the open. You can always use a less visible wall and stack two vertically. A crafty idea is to put a print on the underside of the chair that would turn your chair into an art frame when on the wall.

  2. The coat closet:

    The same principle works for your coat closet. 1 folding chair can go on each side wall; this will allow you to maximize your closets space without losing space you would have used for clothing. Use The vertical storage in that tight space against a wall that often goes unused.

  3. Underneath the bed or Sofa:

    Many beds have just enough room underneath to store low profile items like folding chairs. You can easily get 8 chairs under most beds. (If you have a lift storage bed it’s even easier.) You may have room underneath your couch for storage as well. Consider placing a plastic sheet under the chairs or wrapping them in the plastic bag they arrived in to keep them dust free. Place them on a thin tray to slide them in and out for quick access.

  4. The cupboard:

    Hang them horizontal at the top of your cupboard in those hard to reach places. If you have infrequent guests hang away those extra for chairs up high where you don’t use that space. It can fit against the back wall and you can even place other items in front if you are tight for space.

  5. The Laundry:

    If you have a stacked laundry like many in a small apartment there is typically a decent amount of room on either side of the machines, especially when you go vertical. You might even have some room above the laundry if you can reach. For easy access, install hangers for your chairs on each side of the wall and you can get as many as 4 into this tiny area without losing any regular space in your apartment (2 vertically on each side wall). For longer term storage stack them on the top of the washer/dryer, they may be hard to reach but they will be out of sight. pendulum folding chair-hanging-flat

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