Goliath Table alternative


Goliath Table Alternative

Quite a few people are looking for a Goliath table alternative and we have an excellent comparable product for you to consider

junior-giant-console-extends-into-massive-table This massive extending table is a great substitute. The Goliath extreme extending console table has been popularized online and for good reason, its a great looking table. Unfortunately it is also very expensive and not in a price range many are willing to consider. Calligaris also offers the sigma console and the mistery console which are also Goliath table alternatives, but unfortunately are also very expensive.

The best alternative is the Junior Giant console to dining table, or the Junior Giant edge.  These two tables have a very polished mechanism and excellent painted or veneer finishes.  While we have found less expensive alternatives than the Junior Giant, we have yet to find a better table for the price. The Junior giant is a premium console table that has very good extension capability along with some finishing touches like built in magnets into the base to hold the console together. The Junior Giant facade also hides the extension mechanism very well, unlike the Goliath and Mistery which it seems to appear more visible on the console face.

The Junior Giant Console Extending Table | Expand Furniture

Arguably the Junior Giant is a more premium product with its glossy painted options for finishes as well as a very classy looking bevel.

So what is the difference in price?

Goliath table roughly appears to cost between $3500-5000 USD before freight and duties or taxes.

Junior Giant – $1995

Click here for more table comparisons.

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